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Guide to the TVP VTU Configurations...

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IndygoEEI #1 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 23:54


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This article started when someone in my TS asked about the Czech line, but when it came to

this tank I had to actually think about it.  Since I do not even own the tank yet have heard talk

about the issues of it's configurations, I thought it best to write down my thoughts and analyze

the tank myself.  I feel my analysis is sound and not only will help me figure out the best way

to kit out and play the TVP VTU, but also others.  I hope you find this helpful.  Also remember...


This is not a Unicum guide!


It's meant to be something practical and useful.




This guide is meant to be an informative overview the configurations to TVP VTU.  The TVP

VTU offers an astounding 5(!) viable configurations.  It will be up to you consider what

configuration you like best...


Recommended Upgrade Path for Experimentation


Because the tank offers so many configurations to play around with, it is recommended to

follow this upgrade order...


1)  Tracks

2)  Upgraded 88

3)  Top Engine

4)  100 mm

5)  Upper Turret

6)  105mm

7)  Radio


This will order will allow to you explore the possibilities the tank offers while grinding and I'll give

you tips later on how to do that...


The Possibilities




Above is the link for the configurations of the TVP VTU.  From left to right....


1) 105 Lower Turret

2) 105 Higher Turret

3) 100 Lower Turret

4) 100 Higher Turret

5) 88 Lower Turret

6) 88 Higher Turret


You'll notice that the 105 with the lower turret is pointless thus rendering it an unreliable option

and why it is stricken from the list.  The common theme on the other 2 guns is that the lower

turret offers 2 degrees more depression on the lower turret (-8).  The upper turret is the same

perimeter for both (-6).


Considering the Configurations...


On the 88 and 100 mm guns, you'll mainly be sacrificing HP, damage output, and DPM in

return for Depression along with better P/W ratios depending on the turret.  Let's just consider

the guns themselves and what they offer...


105mm Gun


This gun requires a special kind of player to operate it.  It will most likely be for those who

like to hit and run.  Only very small subset of people will want to run this gun.  As for it's

only configuration, it's more less the average amongst all configurations...


100mm Gun


The middle ground among the guns, the 100 mm best suits are it's alpha over the 88, having

the shell cost, and damage output when running the top turret.  This gun is for people on a

budget who can sacrifice a small amount of gun handling and a modest number in the DPM

department.  It can both flank and spank while also offering some sniping capability.  It also

has best gold penetration out of all the guns.


88mm Gun

The 88 is probably the best handling gun in the assortment with the best DPM and best

silver shell pen.  Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of having the worst damage output

and gold shell pen.  Also due to the nature of this cannon, exposure is a real problem to



Tips on how to figure out the optimum Configuration


As you follow the recommended upgrade path, you'll be able to have time figure out if you

like a configuration or not.  When you unlock the higher 88, play around with it and consider

how comfortable with it you are with a fully mobile platform.  Then jump to the 100mm and

play that until you get the turret.  Once you get the turret, mount it and start experimenting. 

Are you comfortable with the tradeoffs as discussed before or not.  If you're not, then go

back to the configuration you loved the most until you unlock the 105.  Then when you

unlock the 105, run it with top turret.  If you do like this configuration, keep it.  If not revert

back again and then grind to your Tier 9.




Unless you are able to test this on common test server or you plan on skipping this tank

altogether, it is not recommended to use free EXP to just unlock all the modules.  I believe

this tank is meant to be an experience and it's up to you to figure out what works for you

or what doesn't.  If you do use free EXP, I'd recommend using on the tracks, engine and

upper 88.  This should leave you enough games to grind further firepower based modules

to make informed decisions.  If you get comfortable before then the next unlock, then you

could also using free exp to it.  Remember, rushing to upgrade this tank is most likely a

mistake and may make the experience to it unpleasant.


GL, Happy tanking, and here's to finding your configuration on the tank!

ShookYang #2 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 00:07


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....Why would you research the tracks?  Or, for that matter, why bother researching every module (unless you're planning on keeping it)?


I always equip the enhanced suspension, so I don't need to spend XP on the tracks.


And, rarely do I upgrade the other non-essential modules, unless something is so terrible that I must.  I'm trying to get through the grind as quickly as possible.

Tuwtles_PermaChatBanned #3 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 00:38

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I don't see a reason to sacrifice the amount of DPM and HP just to get 2 degrees of gun depression. Managing poor gun depression is a very important skill to have.

Firemoth #4 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 10:01


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View PostShookYang, on Sep 06 2017 - 09:07, said:

....Why would you research the tracks?  Or, for that matter, why bother researching every module (unless you're planning on keeping it)?



tracks give you better terrain resistance and gun handling. playing without them is literally awful especially for a low armour, good mobility tank like the TVP.

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SturmEnte #5 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 11:29


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View PostIndygoEEI, on Sep 05 2017 - 17:54, said:

I believe this tank is meant to be an experience and it's up to you to figure out what works for you or what doesn't.


An experience in masochism is what it is.  


I can honestly say that the TVP VTU is the absolute worst tank I have played in this game.  No armor, mobility is crap, the gun choices are terrible, it's a huge target, and it takes module damage constantly.  It's a medium that cannot flank, cannot take a hit, nor can it trade effectively.  It's terrible.  What's the second worst tank in the game?  I'd rather play that for 1,000 battles in a row than ever play the TVP VTU.  

There's a reason that people like QB and Circon played it for about 10 matches and then never touched it again, not even to do a review.  There's a reason that it gets all the hate from everyone else.  If you have the free exp then skip it entirely.  If you don't, then use personal reserves and whatever extra experience bonuses you can muster and fail through it as best you can.

_LastMinute_ #6 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 18:19


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I may not  totally agree with this approach but i do want to express my thanks and respect for taking the time out to create this! +1


Keep them coming, the community needs more of this!

christodude #7 Posted Sep 21 2017 - 14:43


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Thanks for making this guide, but honestly if there is a tank in this game to free xp past, this has to be in the top 3 or so. I've never hated grinding through a tank as much as this thing. Its the only tank in recent memory that I've gone through with a less than 50% win rate and I didn't manage to mark it either. What a steaming pile of crap this thing is and at tier 8 no less. Simply nothing redeeming about this tank and I'll do my best to forget about it but the grind was just.... so.... bad....

memegene #8 Posted Sep 28 2017 - 14:20


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There is no reason to run the 100mm. None. You either run the 105 or the 88. My choice was 88 with 1st turret. 


The difference in DPM is -90. HP is -100 and View Range -10m. For this you gain 2 degrees of depression. 


This will make the TVP mobile platform with decent gun handling and depression. I managed almost 58% and 2100 wn8 in 145 battles. 

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