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Revalorisé or some other tank?

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Horribad_At_Tanks #21 Posted Sep 10 2017 - 18:12


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Play it like you would a sherman as you are in the same situation as the tier 5 tank with more or less non existent armour and a reliance on positioning to get in your damage. Its a great ridge poker and if you go optics over vents it has plenty of view range to snipe if the map allows. You will hate city maps in it though as they force you to trade for the most part and you don't have enough pen to face down superheavies or other well armoured tanks.

MarshHagFilly #22 Posted Sep 10 2017 - 18:20


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View PostIronmike11B, on Sep 10 2017 - 11:07, said:

Crew skills - BIA, 6th sense, repairs, Deadeye.

Strategy - use it on the 2nd line as more of a mobile TD. It's too slow for a medium even with recent buffs and your armor doesn't exist. Poke out from range or flank.

loadout is pretty standard. Rammer, V stab, Vents/optics


EDIT: Ammo - I run 30/17/4. The APCR standard is pretty good with 200mm pen.


Skills (Currently Training)

Commander- 6th Sense

Gunner- Deadeye

Driver- Preventative Maintenance 

Loader- Safe Stowage


Ammo Loadout- 34/12/4


Equipment Loadout- Rammer, Vents, Coated Optics


Should I change something in any of these areas?


Ironmike11B #23 Posted Sep 10 2017 - 19:44


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Just my 2 cents, but I don't train any skills early on that don't provide a benefit as they are going up. I usually start with camo or repairs. Once I get to 40% on the second skill, I drop those for things like BIA, 6th sense, Deadeye, etc. that come into effect only at 100% and restart the camo/repairs. That way you at least get some bonus while training. .


Not sure if I'm making sense or clear as mud.

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