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Grand Battles

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Rottax #1 Posted Sep 08 2017 - 05:36


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I play 3-5 tier 10 battles every night hoping to get into a grand battle. Instead I queue I instantly get queued into a normal random battles. With that many players constantly getting put in battle it drops the chance for anyone to have 60 player queued at the same time. You need to put the choice to join the battle in the list by team training, strongholds,  and ranked battle or get ride of it. Right now all you are doing is pissing everyone off!

BigDollarBillz #2 Posted Sep 08 2017 - 07:25


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Lots of people have already unchecked the grand battles in their settings. Just a 30 on 30 pub battle.

DREAD_PIRATE_R0BERTS #3 Posted Sep 08 2017 - 07:31

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View PostBigDollarBillz, on Sep 08 2017 - 00:25, said:

Lots of people have already unchecked the grand battles in their settings. Just a 30 on 30 pub battle.


I unchecked mine.  If I could choose to play only Grand Battles and they didn't count for win rate, personal rating, wn8, etc I would play it.  

YANKEE137 #4 Posted Sep 08 2017 - 13:20


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Just release the map into general rotation already. Grand Battles is just another FAIL mode.

__Worm__ #5 Posted Sep 08 2017 - 19:27


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I play a lot of 10's every night and have not seen 1 grand battle since it started.


what a crock of garbage...

seba08 #6 Posted Sep 10 2017 - 16:56


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for one week i had only one battle 30x30 so i think this mm is bad acting


Macras #7 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 03:58


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I like them.


Have done 4-5 and don't play t10 that much.


I think they seem more even than normal pub matches of late.


There's more room and more choices, you can work a strategy a little better, normal pub matches are to fast and restricted. I like the variation in map and the terrain, it has something to suit everyone and most tanks, some normal maps do disadvantage certain types of tanks. I'm finding view range is really important and useful unsurprisingly.


Ive even named 1 hill on the map "Patton Hill" as it just seems the perfect place to hull down and hit targets in 3 directions :)


It does still need work, and I probably wouldn't want to do them all the time, but hey, at least its a change.

But_She_Said_She_Was_18 #8 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 13:36

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Its pretty much cancer. Some tanks are practically useless due to the slugfest that occurs during the match. Gold slinging is the norm, and I personally have seen a ton of camping (about 7+ players a match). This may not seem alot since there are 30 players on your team, but when it comes time to push, you really do feel it. Also tanks that run out of ammo quickly tend to do even worse in that. Rarely in a reg. 15v15 game does my B-C not run out, or come really close to running out of ammo. In 30v30, you have no hope of doing well, or getting an epic carry in tanks like that.

also #MakeTheELCGreatAgain

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