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I'm really thiking about quitting this game.

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Air_Gunner71 #41 Posted Sep 18 2017 - 23:07


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I haven't survived a battle all day. I'm playing t-8 and -9 MTs. When I'm in a 6, I fight 8s, when I'm in an 8 I fight 9 and 10. When do I get fight 6? Now, you heavy hitters can call me a whiner all you want. I have 56K games and win8 of 505. Not the best player in the game, but it's tough to advance when 12 of 15 opponents have 1000+ win8, 5 have the invisilibity perk (you know, cam tank, camo net, in the greenery and all 5 tank crewmen are 100% concealment rated. I'm so tired of the stealth tank shooting me 4 times before I can locate him. My French language education now consists of Ricochet and Merde. Go head to head with an identical tank and identical gun at 25 meters. he kills me with 4 shots - I hit him in the softspot 4 times and get no pens.

I too am really thinking about quitting this game.


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