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When the enemy team is helpless

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XwowdudeX #1 Posted Sep 09 2017 - 21:27


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The enemy team was really hopeless to do anything. Maybe its mm (no), maybe its skill (yes) or perhaps something else. But no seriously, just check out the heavy advantage they had compared to us, we didn't lose a single tank in the whole game, with them having 5 e100's, 2 is4's. 


This is one of those cases where you feel sad for any decent player that got matched to a team such as this.


galspanic #2 Posted Sep 09 2017 - 22:04


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I had a game on Arctic Region a couple days ago and 11 of them drove from the south up that ravine, popped up 1 at a time, and died 1 at a time.  At the end of the game they had 9 players with 0 damage, and only 2 with more that 1 shell of damage.  I actually felt bad.

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