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Top tier is now a myth

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SgtRock52 #21 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 08:19

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View PostMountainLion1, on Sep 09 2017 - 23:24, said:

Wargaming is truly concerned about our thoughts of how the game is going and I am sure they are working diligently on fixing the Tier VIII MM right now as we speak. Have a little patience, they want to make sure they get it fixed the right way. See y'all on the battlefield.


Your VERY NAIVE....or have not been playing long, T8 is total cancer right now.

OlTanker #22 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 15:42

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IMO the only viable alternative to fix the trier 8 situation is to revisit the MM formula. I think Tier 9 should be +1 -2 and tier 10 should be -1. That would give tier 8 a better chance to gain some experience and wins instead of merely being a target in a tier 10 shooting gallery. There is too large of a gap in performance between tier 8 and 10 to be competitive in gun and armor. Most of the time I find the tier 10 has a faster reload in addition to better pen and alpha. I expected the better pen and alpha but the difference between reload times puts the tier 8 at a significant handicap especially since it takes more hits to do an equal amount of damage IF there is  even a possibility of actually penetrating the tier 10. Bouncing gold rounds off of the "soft spots" is pretty frustrating.

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