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Need to find some tools + Help in Blender

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Necrolegion #1 Posted Sep 10 2017 - 09:11


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I decided to try and get into skin/model modding for World of Tanks and I've ran into a couple of problems that I don't know how to overcome....


The first problem is texturing/retexturing in Blender. What I mean is that when you split parts of a tank, like say I separate some of the tracks, turret mounted machine guns, gas cans, ammo boxes, tools etc from a tank model... their textures don't seem to save to the objects when I export and import them back.


I've been following other Blender tutorials, but those are on just creating and applying NEW textures. I want to use the existing textures. How do you keep the existing textures and how do you apply them back or save them to your objects for later use?


Lastly, I need to find a couple of tools, more importantly the BigWorld CDK used for making mods for WoT. The other is 3DS Max 2012. If you could point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it!

Amatsukaze_KaiNi #2 Posted Sep 17 2017 - 18:49


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Well, I have the same problem but on other program and it was Cinema 4D, I had a problem where I need to convert the ".primitives" files into ".obj" files in order to see the model

Sorry for my English grammar.
Also I rarely play World of Tanks. just boats...

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