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9/11 I haven't forgotten

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holdmecloserTonyDanza #41 Posted Sep 20 2017 - 00:33


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View PostGreenTankCore, on Sep 17 2017 - 22:24, said:

Get over it people, come on.

Self Rightous arent you.

[edited]hate it when they bring this crapup every [edited]year.

Like move on people.

You do crapto piss other races/countries off, you invade Iraq that had no NONE weapons of mass destruction, you armed and trained afghan warriors to fight against Russia and it back fires.

Big Whoop De Whoop.

There have been lots of genocides since, but no you dont care about other countries do you. Just spend you multi trillions every year while your minority born and breed citizens suffer.


Just produce more guns, just do it.

Drive your gas guzzling trucks.

Health Care Premiums Rise.


Just move to Canada eh!


unlike just about every other person in this thread who I can just agree to disagree with...you sir are a piece of [edited]

Ikanator #42 Posted Sep 20 2017 - 01:45

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View PostGreenTankCore, on Sep 18 2017 - 19:26, said:

Out where?

Go polish your gun and eat your Big mac and diet cola.


Obviously move to wherever you will be happy. Given your lack of personality and empathy that might be someplace like the Australian Outback where there is no one to interact with, just venomous snakes and other assorted critters. You would fit right in.


As for guns, I am glad that in America I can legally own the guns that I want to. None of my guns has ever leaped up off the table and killed somebody. Nor have they made me want to kill people. What I have mainly used them for is collector's items and to a certain extent a store of value. Properly maintained and not abused their price has a tendency to rise through time. That helped me get through a bad three month period with no job and no unemployment compensation a while back. Not that I turned to robbery or any such thing. Some got sold off, others got pawned and eventually ransomed back.


Concerning burger joints, McDonald's is in my opinion at the bottom of the food chain. When I raid for burgers I usually go elsewhere. Wouldn't touch a diet coke with a 10 foot pole. Some of the artificial sweeteners in use have worse long term side effects than regular sugar.

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