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WZ-120-1G FT - When will NA see this tank

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captn_Kelso1941 #1 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 22:55


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Just wondering when this will be released in the gift shop for the North American servers?

n4cer67 #2 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 23:03


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Hopefully very soon. Have heard some say there's a new premium coming on the 20th of this month but unknown what it will be.

IcedBroom #3 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 04:32


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View Postn4cer67, on Sep 11 2017 - 17:03, said:

Hopefully very soon. Have heard some say there's a new premium coming on the 20th of this month but unknown what it will be.


Who you hear say that?

WorldConqueror #4 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 04:46


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View PostIcedBroom, on Sep 12 2017 - 04:32, said:


Who you hear say that?



SgtRock52 #5 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 08:12

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Ya, pretty EFFED up when NA server gets Shiiiit on and does not have a Prem as a crew trainer.  I asked thru a ticket and this is what they said:

Dear SgtRock52 ,

Good day Commander!

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support and for the continued love for the game.

We apologize for the frustration or any inconviniences that may have caused you regarding this matter. Don't worry and let me shed some light into this matter.

We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with unavailability of Chinese TD in the premium shop.

While you may be frustrated, please know that we monitor our servers and the performance of tanks in order to ensure that the battlefield stays fair, while adhering as closely as we can to historical accuracy.

As part of our monitoring, we reserve the right to change our tanks in order to keep the game fair when we release updates. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds for vehicles that a player purchases and uses, but simply doesn't like.

Unfortunately, we cannot revert any actions that involve the following: Crew or Crew XP, Vehicle Research, Vehicle Experience, Camouflage, Clan issues, or Account changes.

While our policy and tools allow us to revert a variety of actions, these particular actions can not be reversed. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope this does not detract from your World of Tanks experience.

Further, please note that this only applies to World of Tanks for the PC.




Hi SgtRock52,

Thank you for contacting Wargaming NA support. We appreciate your time writing us back.

We are sorry to hear of the experience you had so far. We understand the dissapointment for Chinese Tank Destroyers not in premium shop. Were not closing our doors not to have it in our premium shop. However, We don't have any information on when will these be available for sale.

Right now what we can suggest is to check out our news page for upcoming offers to watch out. We have provided a link below.

TheWoods #6 Posted Sep 20 2017 - 00:07


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I wish WG would get back to historically accurate tanks.  At only play tanks that were actually built.  To please those that can not except losing or appease a nation, they create new tanks or nerf and buff as they please.  Each nation used their  own technology in war, whether good or bad.  So why create a non-existent tank?

landedkiller #7 Posted Sep 20 2017 - 04:27


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I am pretty sure i saw an announcement of it going on sale today

Nonamanadus #8 Posted Sep 20 2017 - 13:12


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Package deal only for $113 Canadian.


Nice one Wargaming.

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