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stronghold buildings half off?

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DKHitz #1 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 05:47


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not that long ago wargaming posted that from sep 11 to sep 17, all clan buildings would be half off.

well unless every single clock on the planet is wrong, its sep 11.

and sep 11 is quickly becomes yesterday.

if your going to advertise something then just do it, its not like wargaming posted the half off of clan buildings two days ago and now they are in a scramble to get it done.  it was posted weeks ago.

if wargaming cant remember what they advertised they were going to do then how about in their staff meeting room put up a big dry erase white board and keep track of your commitments so they get done and are out to your customers.

HowitzerBlitzer #2 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 05:56


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