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Chi-He, 3rd skill anyone?

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NL_Celt #1 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 21:07


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Just curious if anyone has bothered to get 3 skills on this tank. And this is a dedicated crew to this tank as I have no other and did not go any higher, although I might go to the tier 5 tank one day. Kind of wondering if I may have the only 3 skill Chi-He on the NA server.


I must explain that in this game I stick to historic WWII tanks as much as possible. That's just me. With that in mind I looked for something for the Japanese when they came out. The Chi-ha was certainly involved but it was tier 3 and a pretty good one with a great gun for that tier. The Chi-he is tier 4 and I had no other tier 4's at the time, so it would be my tier 4 representative. Apparently it never saw action but was organized into units and was ready to fight except the war ended. So it still met the criteria for me.


The features of this tank are a decent gun with excellent gun depression at -15 degrees. It is pretty mobile without being able to get you too far out in front and in trouble by being isolated. It really has no armour. Just enough to block some tier 3 MG's from the front. But it is basically a solid all around tank and I enjoy it.


I outfitted it to try to augment vision and camo so as to get the gun into action without much return fire. Equipment I use are Optics-Rammer-EGLD. You could go with vents over EGLD to get dispersion and overall performance a bit better, but I wanted the aim time to be less than the reload as it was really going to be more of a support sniper, even when top tier. I could switch these one day but so far it works for me.


So today I just got into my third skill. I will switch to BIA once the next sale comes up but for now it is:

Com-6th, Recon, camo(12%)

Gunner-Snap, Camo, Repairs (9%)

Driver-Clutch, Camo, ORD (6%)

R/O-Camo, Aware, Repairs (4%)

Loader-Camo, Repairs, FF(9%)


Here's two battles from today as I pushed her over the next level. Same map, different games.







dave1y #2 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 21:51


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You have a perfectly good tier 4 crew.  Congrats,  Next then...Haiku, Origami, and Yayoi.

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