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Need a new premium Sherman with Big Boomstick: SO-122

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Poll: Need a new premium Sherman with Big Boomstick: SO-122 (30 members have cast votes)

Want WG to introduce SO-122 as premium tonk?

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slavenko #21 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 23:52


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For those interested, a lot can be found on this, and other projects, "made in Yugoslavia". Generally speaking, there was a higher level of invention involved in all of them, than in most Chinese clones, which have found their way into WoT. But what is 20 million former Yugoslavs in comparison to over a billion Chinese, in terms of marketing?


Example - all surplus Shermans had their engines replaced with Soviet V-2, purely for reliability and maintenance reasons. Transmissions had to be adapted and replaced, but the Soviet engines worked well in US tanks, under Yugoslav engineering. 


Not to mention that former Yugoslavia was the birthplace of a Hellcat/T-55 hybrid. In war time conditions. 


Tito stronk. Tito fuse western and eastern teKnology into one. Tito call it non-aligned teKnology. You all like Tito and give him more teKnology...

_Gungrave_ #22 Posted Sep 13 2017 - 00:38


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I bet you cant shoot many rounds before you start getting stress fractures in the metal or ███ing up the turret ring.

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Kenshin2kx #23 Posted Sep 13 2017 - 01:45


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View Post_Gungrave_, on Sep 12 2017 - 13:38, said:

I bet you cant shoot many rounds before you start getting stress fractures in the metal or ███ing up the turret ring.


Yah ... the basic problem for up gunning a tank like this ... the M4 wasn't designed for that kind of recoil potential ... and even a modified turret likely can't offer an overly generous amount of tube recoil.   What could be a possibility though ... large caliber recoiless cannon with additional muzzle break & back blast break.  So most recoiless cannons have 'open back' with some kind of venturi nozzle to shape the counter charge into a form of calculated recoil negated thrust equilibrium ... the bad or iinconvenient aspect is the back blast (you DON'T want to be standing right in the back of one of these when firing ... so to solve or minimize this, create a fairly large contained gas baffle (think an enclosed scaled up muzzle break that directs the slowed gases upward and toward the back designed to neutralize a major percentage of the recoil (with the reminder of the recoil energy used to cycle a new round from an ammo magazine.

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Shortcult #24 Posted Sep 13 2017 - 06:07


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View Post_Gungrave_, on Sep 12 2017 - 15:38, said:

I bet you cant shoot many rounds before you start getting stress fractures in the metal or ███ing up the turret ring.


Yeah, it should only have three rounds.  After the third round the breach will by lying on the turret basket floor as the turret will have disintegrated.


Wait, then it could go into SPG mode.

Anlushac11 #25 Posted Oct 30 2017 - 14:42


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I read somewhere that the Soviets experimented with putting the 76.2mm F-34 in a Sherman because at the time the Soviets were not confident in the American promise to deliver unending supplies. As it turned out the US kept its promise and ammunition, parts, and fuel shortages were a rare thing

so they were never converted in any numbers.

pepe_trueno #26 Posted Oct 31 2017 - 00:11


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View PostLert, on Sep 12 2017 - 22:52, said:




It's like this:


<US> Here, we built a tank with a 75mm gun.

<UK> Hmmm. Maybe we can fit our long 3" in it and call it a Firefly.

<France / Israel> Ha, amateurs. here, we put a 105mm into it.

<Yugoslavia> .... Hold my beer.



M4 Revalorise I would think. Possibly the SO-122 could fit a tier lower since the gun is inaccurate and has slow ROF in this game.


and then british come back with



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nrnstraswa #27 Posted Nov 01 2017 - 02:24

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Sure why not, Shermans are great. 

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