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I am Just Now Noticing

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figment #21 Posted Sep 15 2017 - 17:22


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View Postthe_Deadly_Bulb, on Sep 14 2017 - 15:43, said:


To your point on the 2 tier spread and top tier being too tough to fight, in 3/5/7 there's only 3 top tier tanks out of 15!


And this is where the frustrating play begins. One of those three, more likely two will be stat padding XVM wh0res. Resulting in 13 people fighting 15, most out classed and out gunned so the last two tanks can start playing when 2/3 of their team is dead and they can rake up one shot kills.

cthulhu_hunter #22 Posted Sep 15 2017 - 21:58


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View Postfigment, on Sep 13 2017 - 00:31, said:

WoT isn't fun anymore.


I am running out of one hour personal reserves because I can't stand to play longer than an hour anymore. The sheer frustration combination of stat padding top tiers in the A and K rows, RNG that predetermines 33.3% of battles and just sheer stupidity in the player base has made this game a chore to play.


I keep hoping for better.


Been saying this for about a year. Unicums and stat padders have ruined this game. Base battles on player skill WG's! Make the game fun again!

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