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Unicum Guide to Light Tank Tactics and Scouting

Light Tank Guide Tactics Scouting Unicum

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taugrim #21 Posted Sep 19 2017 - 15:51


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View PostAwestryker, on Sep 14 2017 - 13:07, said:

As to the setups: I did watch those first minutes in the video, several times in fact, and changed some of my setups...thanks for that...but for some you showed, like the leopard I think, you did not have all the equipment loaded...just a thought for a future video...garage crawls...


I got multiple questions in the video about my Leopard setup, in terms of gun choice and equipment selections.


Let me share what I posted in YouTube comments.


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 Are we just going to ignore that he plays the leo without the autoloader? I find that interesting. 


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Great vid, I 3 marked leopard vk in 180games, I use the autoloader, Why do you use the 5mm and not the 3?Your answer would be greatly appreciated,Also when should you push/brawl in a light


On the Luchs, the 3cm autocannon is the best choice, as it has the highest pen of any gun and you can clip out tier 4-5 tanks.


However, once you go up a tier to the Leopard, HP pools go up such that it often takes multiple clips to kill a target with the 3cm autocannon, and its reload is very long. Also, the Leopard has a relatively small HP pool and is 2-shottable in many cases, and the autocannon is so inaccurate you have to get relatively close for it to be effective. The 5cm gives over 50% more DPM, much better gun handling, and better pen.


I've played with both guns on the Leopard and vastly prefer the 5cm. It's much more reliable and the DPM is very good for the tier.

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Do you run Binocs on lights aside from the ELC AMX?


The "typical" setup for any light tank is: Optics / VStab / Rammer.


For tier 5 lights with 360m view range (e.g. Leopard and Chaffee), I have been experimenting with running Optics and Binocs, so that when needed I can max out my spotting to 445+m by passively spotting. It's worked out very well, especially for tier 7 matches. Both of those tanks can equip VStab so I run that as the 3rd, so the Binocs replace Rammer. 59-16 also has 360m view range.


Most Unicums don't run both Binocs and Optics, at least by looking at VBAddict that's the case. The one thing I want to caution you about running both Binocs and Optics is that you don't want to get too passive / campy.

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