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For some reason, Sand River loves my heavies.

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tanopasman62 #1 Posted Sep 16 2017 - 07:05


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A couple of days ago I posted a replay getting my first Pool's medal on my Japanese Tiger in this same map, under similar conditions, same spawn, bad enemy team and so on.


Today, I got this while doing the on track for the IS-4 (Thanks for that WG).




My second Radley Walters, the first one was in my Tiger P, and honestly, while I had high expectations on the match for the above stated reasons, I didn't expect to get 9 kills on it, I was just planning to go into the middle and do what I was supposed to do in a top tier heavy.


Then I seen that Luchs, and everyone that had read my posts knows what I think about machineguns, especially on German tanks, so I decided to charge yolo him without actually caring about anything else.



NiteDog #2 Posted Sep 16 2017 - 12:05


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LOL! Nice Game. +1

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