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9.20.1 Common Test, Light Tank "Buffs"

9.20.1 Tier 10 Light Tanks Common Test

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Vespeo_ #1 Posted Sep 22 2017 - 04:07


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As far as the buffs are concerned to the tier 10 light tanks, I've so far found Wargaming's attempt to make them better....fall exceptionally short. If you don't know what the list of buffs are for this update, the Daily Bounce has you covered:



No changes to view range? I thought these were SCOUT TANKS

Increasing the total amount of ammunition as a highlight of these buffs? You've got to be joking.

Increasing the raw damage per minute via alpha increases? I thought the whole point of slapping their guns with low alpha was so they "wouldn't outperform mediums". I agree with the low alpha point, as light tanks and should not be out-trading mediums, just as mediums should not be out-trading heavies, and heavies not out-trading tank destroyers.


Which brings me to the strange re-work of Panzerwagen gun, the most interesting part of these re-balances. Better gun handling? Increasing the rate of fire, but dropping the alpha damage down to 320? Why don't the AMX 13 105 and Sheridan have this alpha damage as well on their 105mm guns, but have a rate of fire that isn't trash? Now light tanks no longer out-trade mediums, and can defend themselves against lower-tiered opponents. "Ah ha", you might say. "What about the WZ-132-1? Why should it get to keep its 390 alpha damage?" The answer is simple - the Chinese light tank specialty is unusually high alpha damage for its tier.


Should Wargaming go through with the advertised changes, more players might play these vehicles. At the same time-these vehicles still cannot active scout and still cannot dig their way out of trouble. Ironically enough, they will still be left behind, trying to catch up to the current game meta in vain.

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DERP_IN_THE_FACE #2 Posted Sep 22 2017 - 04:13


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light tanks are what the name suggests. Mobile tanks with light armor and maybe a decent gun to complete the package. If they were to be purely scouts, well they would be listed as scouts. The reason they can do a scouting role once in a while is because they have an advantage with camo on the move and higher camo values save for some TDs. 

jajanaboczku #3 Posted Sep 25 2017 - 21:36

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Only tier 10 LT i have so far is the Sheridan. I had some good games in it and i had couple of great games in it. The rest well hrm you know.

Was that due to the tank being great?

Maybie some of it due to its speed and agility.

Over all it is defenitly missing something.

Better cammo values by 5%?

More pen for tier 10 maybie 245sh.

Less pen fall off at range?

I dont think raising alpha on LTs is the way to go.

If anything i think they should all do betwin 270-290 damage per shot with 5-6 sec reload.

Mikosah #4 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 23:04


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The firepower buffs are necessary, particularly at the high tiers where every tank has high view range and scouting becomes increasingly redundant. As of the low and middle tiers, they could give light tanks a niche with view range buffs, but sadly WG hasn't yet noticed just how irrelevant the other light tanks are in the current meta. As it stands, the premium light tanks have a massive edge over their standard counterparts because their stats weren't massacred in the 9.18 patch. That situation can only last so long. 

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