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Ranked Battles Feedback

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Legan #1 Posted Sep 24 2017 - 02:52


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So after playing the current version of ranked battles here are my observations:


First, the bottom five players not getting a chevron for a win is very discouraging.  You can play a very good game, do your job and get nothing for a win.  For example, I played a Maus in a battle, got up front, took 3000 damage, blocked 3500, but only did 500 damage and got about 500 spotting damage.  Didn't get into top ten, no chevron, even though I did my job and contributed significantly to the win.  This mechanic causes people to only focus on getting into the top five, just like the previous iteration of ranked battles rewarded losses.  Really needs to be win gets you a chevron, loss you lose one.  World of Warships has a very good ranked battle system that works well, you should just copy it.


Second observation. Because of the way chevrons are handed out, team play is non-existent in ranked battles, can hardly believe I'm playing with experienced players that have tier ten tanks. The entire experience is horrible, worst team play I've seen since I started playing WoT's.


And last observation, ranked battles are extremely expensive to play.  To be competitive you have to use premium rounds and consumables, and you have tier ten repair costs.  Take another page from World of Warships and make ranked battle seasons with lower tiers.   Premium ammo also nullifies any armor in the game for the most part, so if they were excluded or at least limited in number, that would make it more enjoyable as well.


The overall experience feels very random, feel like luck and MM has more to due with success than my game play.  Will not play this mode anymore till you tweak it again.  Really feels like a credit sink to me.


Would really like to know what other players think.








scarz01 #2 Posted Sep 24 2017 - 03:45

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I am done with this trash.


Rank 2. No problem.

Loss top 5 x6 = No chevs.

loss loss loss

Rank 1 no chevs.

Largo97 #3 Posted Sep 24 2017 - 04:02


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Ranked is broken, very bad experience.

0 teamplay, 0 fun and hard camping. Win or lose game in premium i lose lot of money


Strykerdav #4 Posted Sep 24 2017 - 04:19


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I was playing a TD yesterday and was top in damage on a win and still didn't get a chevron, pretty frustrating.

despero #5 Posted Sep 24 2017 - 04:41

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Only solution, give a chevron to all members of winning team, make a mission if you are the top xp in winning team 5 times, you get a chevron.. AND take one away from ALL members in losing team... 

Bolted_On #6 Posted Sep 24 2017 - 04:44

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Three days of RB the last time was enough, even though I made it to just under rank 4.   A total waste of time and credits.

jajanaboczku #7 Posted Sep 25 2017 - 20:42

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 Reduce premium shell loadout to 10%-15 % capacity or allowe 6 per tank max or 1 clip.


Make rank 1-3-5 perma not just 1-5.

Gaining shevron- losing shevron gets very old fast. Especialy with no relief in site from rank 

1-5.  So the rank 3 perma would be a great stop gap to aliviate discuradgment and frustration.

Minimum personal rating to enter ranked

On a win everyone who did or has any ammount of damage done or assist gets shevron. This will stop people flocking to 1 flank and leaving other one open becouse there is much less damage to farm there.

On a loss everyone loses a shevron.
Harsh but this will put much more emphesis on working hard to win and not just farm damage not to lose a shevron.

carBOMBz #8 Posted Sep 30 2017 - 06:27


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Gaining ranks is pretty difficult with the amount of unskilled players are queuing for ranked mode (now don't crucify me just yet, that point will come later). I understand "Ranked is intended to filter out the players by skill level" yet WG's metrics aren't set up in a way to reward good game-play and punish bad game-play on a personal level as it is in Counter-Strike or most MOBAs. The idea of having +/-1 with the contingency of being top/bottom 5 by experience earned is ridiculous, each chevron gain or loss should be dependent on more factors than simply "Experience". Time, Damage, Spotting, Stun, Damage Blocked, etc. should all be a contributing factor into whether or not you get that chevron or not. I'm sure even 'partial' rewards could work as a factor (ie; if you do well in match A maybe you gain 90% of a chevron however in match B you have an abysmally poor game so you lose 100% of that chevron setting you back only -10%, and those percentages are subject to change based on your performance over the course of the ranked session). Not only that, the factors change based on the role of tank you are playing! I'll admit, it would be difficult, however we need a system in place to reward people for playing the type of vehicle they are using to the best of their and its ability. I'm also curious as to why WG hasn't fixed their efficacy metric and use that as the ranking factor. Play 5 matches, how you perform is where you are slotted to start with. Think in terms of the ranking system in Counter-strike. Of course, this is my opinion and we all know the saying about opinions. I'm sure others would disagree and I want to be certain to say that this idea isn't flawless, but I do believe it to be better than what we currently have in place.

[Here is where you may begin to chastise me]

As the filthy arty player I choose to be in ranked mode only to assist in defense or pushes, it's near impossible to get a chevron even with 200+ seconds of stun time and a high damage count. Stunning enemies does nothing for your experience gain if your team refuses to shoot the enemies, particularly pertinent when you're defending against a push where your team refused to go (the section of the map where the lemming train refused to go). Since spotting rewards the most experience, arty never gets the first spot nor any spotting damage, assisted damage is almost unheard of, most repair tracks immediately and go back to hiding. If you manage to keep someone tracked, after about the 2nd or 3rd shot it switches the assisted damage to spotting and whomever may have eyes on the target gets the assisted instead of the individual who applied the track damage.


As it was mentioned before, ranked mode is an absolute joke.

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Mudman24 #9 Posted Sep 30 2017 - 06:33


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Arty should not be in this mode.

malfrat77 #10 Posted Oct 03 2017 - 22:26


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the revised rank and Chevron progression system = need more luck and pray to get a descent team than trying hard to perform and use your skilled talents....

how i can't manage to progress if i perform better than at saison 1 ? take a look what's wrong....


saison 1 :

937 on the leaderboard

1,404 avg dmg

735 avg exp

607 avg assit

47,78% avg winrate


saison 2:

not able yet to rank on the leaderboard

1552 avg dmg

734   avg exp

544  avg assit

30,65% avg winrate


so clearly i perform better in saison 2 but i can't manage to rank up cuz of the unfair mm that i got...but in fact it's more about the the revised rank and Chevron progression system from saison 2 that screw me up, i got so many match killing 2 ennemies doing over 4000 dmg but was useless cuz i got always teams of muppets vs 6 pro players on the other team, yea 3/4 of match match that i lose i were in top 3 but it was not enough,


With the new unfair chevron reward system WarGaiming simply say : ''no fun for you and stick around with muppets, you can also try hard to farm 4k dmg per game and shoot for 100k gold ammo per match and we will screw you anyways cuz we control the matchmaking and there's no way to get out''


in other word WG, from now i believe that you guys control who will rank by using the match making, the only way you can prove to us that you guys are fair is to provide us the same chevron reward system as in saison 1 who was fair, the new one only close door to the ''trying hard,almost great'' players who perform very well but getting screw by is own team,it's not a personnal achievement anymore to rank up on the leaderboard if we are so team dependant.....

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