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Nunya_000 #61 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 01:56


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View PostApe_Drape, on Sep 26 2017 - 12:36, said:


Not just a reply to him. There's still a crapton of people that insist there are no cheats or bots in this game.


I can't remember a single person on this forum that claims there are no cheats or bots in the game.  The argument seems to be over whether they are used in abundance or not.  Some people claim that hacks (changing armor values, shooting through terrain, changing penetration values, etc.), are not possible, but cheats are certainly possible and probable.

Siege_Engine #62 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 02:54


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View PostOld_tex, on Sep 26 2017 - 01:46, said:

Because of the cheats, the game SUCKS.



A "mod" that:


i)  Gives a mod player ANY information faster than vanilla players can get, or  ...

ii)  Gives a mod player ANY control movement or accuracy faster than vanilla players can get ...


Is a "cheat" in my book.  I play vanilla.  Why can't everyone?  

blown1999cobra #63 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 03:06


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LOL, aimbot, wargaming solved that problem and proceeded to pad their pockets even more, called Gold ammo for credits.  No need to worry about a cheat that aims for weak spots when double tapping the 2 key basically gives you auto pen.


_Gungrave_ #64 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 03:23


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View PostWIZD, on Sep 26 2017 - 01:49, said:

I'd rather have cheats than the hostile players.


I think you mean toxic players because hostile players are the ones shooting at you...toxic ones are those shooting their mouths off like idiots. :P

Sparkster23 #65 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 04:13

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View PostBeanHoleBandit, on Sep 25 2017 - 20:25, said:

To be honest there is cheat mods in this game.. Alot of guys know about it and are going to act like your stupid..  But I remember in old clan wars a commander pinging a map where the enemy was going to be..  And sure enough it never failed.. 

I asked how he knew he said his mini map would ping or light up where stuff was knocked over, Also WG has made a list of several cheat mods out there., Reason for the bands.. So yeah they are still out there. 

[edited], its ban not band

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