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9.20.1 Common Test

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scoutsout7 #1 Posted Sep 26 2017 - 19:35


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So far no problems with the game and how it runs, I have not had the problems as others do not sure why but none the less it is good for me. 


Now I like the Super Conqueror the one thing that is a small problem is its performance for it  moves and handles like one of the three super heavy german tanks and not a tank that weighs in around 60 tons. Even the IS-4 has better handling than the S. Conq. This should be looked into guys please. 


About light tanks what i have seen is they seem to be a little op in the respect that they can inflict great amount of damage to an opponent, When they should be more hit and run and harass and not out right killing power, Leave that for the Med's and Heavies to have the killing power (oops Sorry and Td's)  


The one thing that is on my mind is Bonds and the use of them. I really do not want bonds given out like gold in CW's For only top clans will receive large amounts of Bonds and when used in Pub match's I foresee T5 & 6's with upgraded Equipment which makes it unfair to the average player. (So WG Please keep this in mind when you open bonds to open ranks in battle) I like how they are given out now in the Test sever and keep it this way please for it is equal to all. 


I enjoy Grand battle but as I and my friend s agree it should be a separate battle mode and include straight T6 & 8 Tanks just like CW;s or Strongholds 


Thanks again for the game I do and have enjoyed it over the years


Scouts Out 



Aranai #2 Posted Sep 27 2017 - 08:26


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I disagree with the light tanks. They need that killing power unless Wargaming completely nerfs heavy and medium tank view range.
If they do not do that Light Tanks deserve just as much power as everyone else.

jajanaboczku #3 Posted Sep 28 2017 - 18:08

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Yup i would agree. Nurf view range globaly by 10%-15% accept for LTs. Increase cammo on some lts by 5%. Nufr alpha damage to 280-300 but compensate with rof.

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