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Philotes #101 Posted Dec 11 2019 - 08:54


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View PostHyperionKing, on Feb 22 2018 - 17:57, said:



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don't let the virtual door hit you in the [edited]


Bad_MoJo_Blues #102 Posted Mar 29 2020 - 05:11


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I feel the game is rigged this time last year I was at 5921 I had sent in a email asking why the game is rigged because I had been on a poor playing team and getting  roll went 0-36./ I was told the MM is doing well with putting players on a team to make it 50/50. Then right after my ticket I went 0-65 and dropped more ranking points. So now I had been selling off my tanks and getting ready to never play again after  6year I feel WOT does not care about players who have been paying a lot of money in here. If all the players stop playing here then they would not have a job. I am a ok players but when you are always on a poor playing team and I can tell you before the game start that who will win and this shows me its rigged.

The_Avro_Arrow #103 Posted Apr 04 2020 - 00:27


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Can something be done about the French wheeled cars?

I feel after spending countless hours grinding to some cool light tank lines and learning the art of scouting that with the edition of these cars it’s all made it pointless.


A bad player can yolo forward LT positions and with the autoaim mechanic snap an HE, high velocity, shell for huge damage and race away. Sure he might die but your carefully scoped position is now compromised and you usually die. This has forced traditional light tanks to camp, making for frustrating team play as you cant help spot the enemy In a traditional way.   A very new player can simply pay his way up to tier 9 and then, purely because of the car, nullify all the time  a light tank player has learned about spotting, camo,vision and map awareness.


As for a good player, when MM puts you up against an EBR in your traditional LT you can simply be out gunned and out spotted bcos of the speed of the car and the auto-aim mechanic. EBRs should be their own class as far as MM weighting goes.


Im not here to tell you how to fix this, I’m just saying that the game a strange feel to it now and EBRs have rendered the traditional role of a light tank, more or less obsolete. 

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CyberSquat #104 Posted Apr 29 2020 - 16:39


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Enough already with the EBR garbage.  Stop being hypocrites.  The RU 251 was too fast you said.... the fv304 was too fast AND too small you said.... this crapis ridiculous.  the wheels are shields the body is super small. they are extremely agile. they do have more alpha than mediums.  oh and lets not forget that they are pissing off most of the players.  this is TANKS not go-karts.  nobody signed up for MARIO KART.  you claimed to want realistic game play as possible. the auto aim is ridiculous being able to hit targets while doing somersaults. you may as well contact George Lucas and get license to bring in vehicles like the land cruisers. Oh and lets not forget that you have a buff coming for them too since it is a horrible thing that they lose speed when turning JUST LIKE PHYSICS WOULD DICTATE.  you made your money, you sold the prems of that line... enough already!!!!!!!!!!  How about putting the focus on the actual game instead of unrealistic garbage like this... maybe bringing back some maps, total re-balance of armor and ammo.  anyone with a clue can see the goal is nothing more than money grabs rather than actual game fixes/improvements.  This is the part where you show this post to everyone in the office, laugh and toss it into the pile of "to be ignored"

Smooky_Le_chien_husky #105 Posted Apr 29 2020 - 16:41


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The game need turn premium amunition and nerf down or more expensif . i am tired to fight People are only abuse that special ammo . I put people on black liste and guess what when have 8 player enemies who i did block are only fire premium amunition to a start and to end . we lose the match all the time . Yep unbalanced is the ways i see it on my end  i know all ready i lose the match , Fix your game wg seriously premium amunition have no chalange people abuse to pen that all spam spam spam spam nothing about armors . randome batle no premium amunition is  Suggestion

Untergang_legion #106 Posted May 03 2020 - 04:57


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could we have a pop up notification for big missions ex: i did the weekend experience one got to the last part didnt pay attention to it because i try not to focus on them while im playing so i dont mess up others experience and my own and just complete as i play, this being said i got 30k xp on a tier 6 tank i would not be keeping because i didnt know it would be the next tank i play when i could have used it on another tank instead, or for that part of the mission have us lock in a tank so its the one we chose and we get it on a tank we want not random one while we play or a useless one.


Thank you,


Halsey_IX #107 Posted May 03 2020 - 14:27


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View PostGeneral_Canuck99, on Apr 04 2020 - 00:27, said:

Can something be done about the French wheeled cars?



Yes, something can. I'll give two examples that happened yesterday in my own play. I apologize for not being able to name the  first maps , but it really wasn't all that important. 


Example I


The first happened as I was bombing along in my KV 30.02 D, trying to catch up with the lemming migration. One of the six-wheeled wheelies was for some reason going in the opposite direction -- a fellow green-team member. We were each doing at least 40 kph in opposite directions. I didn't see him until he was very close to me, and anyhow I figured that my 42 tons of Teutonic Fun gave me right of way -- no way I could have turned quick enough anyhow. For some reason he seemed to think I would yield. Oops. Bad assumption dude. We hit head-on at near full speed. My tank slowed for a moment and his little SUV bounced off me. I looked around for him, but he was no where in sight, so I continued on. Then I took a look at the player panel. His listing was blacked out as though he'd been fragged by the bad guys, but we had not made contact yet. The accident apparently killed the little bugger. 


Example II 


On the Normandy map, I took a pot-shot at one of the six wheelers from a pretty long distance.  It was a lousy snap shot and I either missed entirely or at most scratched his custom paint job. He didn't take it very well. He immediately targeted me and came a running... He got off one shot  that did me for thirty or fourty points then hit the afterburners. I only had time to back off from what I had been doing and point my frontal armor at him before several of my allies lit him up like Christmas at Rockefeller Center. 


So, the answer to the wheelie problem is: SHOOT THEM 


They are beyond glass cannons. They are toys with cannons attached.


Are they OP?  Yes. 


Do they make WoT a bit more like Blitz, i.e., more like a pure kiddy-shooter game?  Yes, they do. 


Is that depressing for someone (like, for example, myself), who came over here to get away from the children's games at Blitz?  Yes, it is. 


The solution? 


We need to take our frustration out on the wheelies themselves. When we see a wheelie on the Startup board we should make it our sole objective for that battle to blow that sucker away.  


Eventually they will either start contributing something to the game or they will give up and/or die off when they figure out that it's really not that much fun to dominate the first minute of a battle only to be sent back to the garage at 1:01 all the time. 


p.s.  Example III that I just thought of 


Same basic scenario as number II, but I was not really involved. Some fool tried to go zooming around a railroad yard in his wheelie. He lasted less than a minute. Crispy critter. 

Zerfall2142 #108 Posted May 18 2020 - 22:48


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I've watched the interviews, read the articles etc. And it would seem that the devs are not really interested in fixing what they call turbo matches (aka 0~3 - 15 matches that last <4 minutes)
They say that the MM is very good at making competitive matches
I on the other hand would disagree. This past weekend I played 47 battles and managed a total of 7 wins.
I am a complete average player (1100ish wn8 overall)
Statistically even I were to be afk for all of those 47 battles I should have a higher w/r than 15%
Two of those wins and most of the losses I was top damage dealer on my team.
Every game played I earned battle pass points, even when I had a complete brain fart and got killed relatively early in the match.
So statistically speaking a 15% w/r should be impossible right if the match maker were actually any good at balancing overall team skill. 

Sorry I got a little side tracked in the details so basically my idea for an improvement to the game would be some extra lines of code added to the MM.
AFTER the MM builds team rosters, the MM would look at each teams overall wot player rating and balance the teams by shuffling some players from one team over to the other. It wouldn't be perfect and I know there are likely lots of players that don't want ranked battles level of competition. What it would prevent is, many "TURBO" matches and it would help to erase the conspiracy of rigged MM. Almost every battle I had lost in these two sessions the team I was on had an overall lower player rating than the enemy team with the extreme cases being a overall 23,000 wot player rating deficit.
 I've been playing WoT since 2013, have around 12,000 battles. If I were a new player and had this happen it would be a quick uninstall and move onto another game. If I had a 15% success rate in real life it could be chocked up as bad luck but in a video game it's just bad code.

black_colt #109 Posted May 19 2020 - 02:43


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View PostCognitive_Dissonance, on Apr 05 2018 - 04:27, said:

Suggestion for arty, no not removal or nerf per se'


Just like with the Swedish TD's, please implement a "setup and tear down" timer that mimics the deployment of a recoil spade. I think this will go a long way to adding an element to arty play that will force arty players to choose positioning and relocation more carefully, instead of just sitting at cap.


It will also reduce to some degree the phenomenon of artillery being able to run around in semi TD mode, and randomly derp folks trying to hunt them down.


I think artillery should stay in the game, but the mechanics are so simplified that there isn't much depth to using the class, like other classes that have to master with terrain following, flanking, armor angling, vision and camo mechanics.


I believe this extra dimension will make arty more rewarding, and less frustrating for those who must contend with it. Honestly, if this mechanic was added, I would play arty more, as I would be forced to think further ahead in order to support my team.




Interesting - IMHO your concise, cogent, and relevant reasons are reasonable and doable... perhaps Wargaming could make the flak panels go-up-and-down on the Pz.Sfl. IVc in a similar fashion so that it also performs more like it did in the field as well.

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Xander_fie #110 Posted May 31 2020 - 21:21


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Can we get a new sort button for the collecters vehicals in our garage?

Just_Horrible #111 Posted Jun 04 2020 - 06:33


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I sure am glad Wargaming has taken the time to setup a feedback forum!

Agent51 #112 Posted Jun 06 2020 - 03:37


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how do you start a new topic under the Wargamming comuity feedback fourm? the button is grayed out saying i cant start one and im obviosly logged in.

General_ArmChair #113 Posted Aug 05 2020 - 18:50


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I think this update other than maps is for the elite to fine tune machines for advanced gaming. The average player just wants to shoot tanks with past basic equipment upgrades. Average players like new maps or adjusted maps and small buffs or nerfs here and there. Not saying theses equipment changes are too complicated but who has the time to adjust 15 tanks or more. I don't have the time or desire to figure it all out. I made some small adjustments to one tank and I am now 5000 bonds lighter and have no idea what happened. I play the game with no mods, don't use auto aim and have decided to keep current equipment as is. And, I still don't shoot at the wheels as I am not wasting credits. If the heavy tanks beef up to where it it costs too much to do damage than I will stop shooting at them also. Will let others do the work. I suspect I will soon stop playing the game altogether. Yesterday I basically parked my Td's at base , went and had a smoke and by that time the other side had made it over to me. So overall satisfaction of the game is going down quickly. It was a simple concept...point and shoot and in time you get new tanks to do the same. Think about it.....its a TANK...treads, armour and BFG hopefully and after that all you really need is a target and a reasonable chance of hitting it. Nothing more needed!

My E25 always had vent camo net and binocs. Now says the Vent is correct but the camo net and binocs are in the wrong slot. Seriously? Not changing it. Will remove everything including consumables soon. Have already done so to my E100 Jag.

I have 8 days of premium time left. If no address by then Wargaming will not get another cent from me.
Countdown Clock
Day 8

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