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Roten1 #81 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 19:17


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I find it extremely funny that people will complain about artillery, I guess since they cant sit back and farm and arty makes them move and reposition I guess that's making them work to hard, but nobody complains about the 4005 since they all probably own one and that td takes no skill to play, just sit back and wreck people. If you are going to complain about arty that's been beat up with nerfs and complain how it takes no skill then be fair park all those 4005s until WOT nerfs them.:popcorn:

iceman431970 #82 Posted Jan 17 2019 - 18:43


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you know most likely no one from WOT actually reads this crap, but here goes, forget buffing the tanks, if you can't handle playing against  it then quit. the real issue is the idiotic conditions in playing an unbalanced game. you have 12 players at a personal rating of 3500 or less to 5000 and maybe and maybe a couple of 6000 and up going against 5 to 6 players 9000 and up with several at 6k and under on other team.Until you fix this issue the balance that WoT is trying to achieve will never be met. you need 3999 and under playing against each other for constant training purposes. then move into like 4000 up to maybe 6999, and so on. until someone in wargaming finally fixes this issue your balance of battles is never going to happen and most likely you will continue to lose players.and please stop sending out surveys that the players cant actually give an opinion. if you just want drone opinions then go hand job each other in the back room. i have spent a lot playing this game. but it seems you don't actually want real opinions. you just want answers to preset questions that are not very good questions to begin with. most players dont give a dam about the questions your asking.

latvius #83 Posted Jan 23 2019 - 16:50

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4. Please take care to remain on topic - every single post should relate directly to something in the OP (Original Post).


How did a post on the rules of posting evolve into this discussion?


That was rhetorical just go read the OP.

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