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when is a new tournament going to be set up?

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Guest_EL_MIG_* #1 Posted Sep 30 2017 - 04:26

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Come on WOT, we need to know when a new tournament is coming. i have many people who want to play in tournament team

ff8ff8 #2 Posted Sep 30 2017 - 06:48


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Well there is the massive one everyone is doing right now, did you not sign up for it?

Guest_EL_MIG_* #3 Posted Sep 30 2017 - 23:37

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Did that one ended up 57th place, want to know when is WOT getting off their [edited]and start a new one. this one just , was just the appetizer.


ItzRocket #4 Posted Oct 01 2017 - 00:21


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My guess is that for the rest of the year basically it is only going to be the other two seasonal classics and then when 2018 rolls around tournaments will be getting a huge revamp and make a comeback as soon as silver league returns.

Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #5 Posted Oct 01 2017 - 10:16

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It makes sense that they will wait til this tournament is fully over before doing another one.


There are the playoffs afterall.

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