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if not tier 6 atleast bring back tier 8

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brapitybrapbrap #1 Posted Oct 03 2017 - 07:20


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if you want my honest opinion the end game or tier 10 is literally dead......its way too time consuming to try and field 15 people for many clans as you can see by the lack of participation and the barrier to participate in it is too high because the clans on the map have a high skill level etc......  but since it dead I really don't see the reason not to bring back tier 8....if the eu server can do tier 8s I don't see why NA can't


and for people saying do landing builds uhhh no......constantly fighting for 3 hours straight is boring



tldr cw is waste of time just open it up to more people 







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BladedPheonix #2 Posted Oct 03 2017 - 08:13


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EU's clanwars map is 3 times the size of NA's map is! Thats why they have different tier requirements over there!:sceptic:

MOMOLAND_Nancy #3 Posted Oct 03 2017 - 08:15

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Transfer to EU when!

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Redwave11 #4 Posted Oct 03 2017 - 10:31

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Fielding 15 shouldn't really be an issue for clans that have competitive intent.


As for the skill barrier I'm pretty sure most clans could participate and win matches (there are plenty of <1000elo clans to fight) but I think they should expand the map another 25% or so to allow more space for the weaker clans.


I still think tier 10s are the best for clan wars because there was definitely the issue of clans that don't belong sitting on low tier land.

The_Borg #5 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 02:13


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Ever since they took out tier 6 and 8 from the clanwar map the clan scene has been dead with only at most twelve showing up on the clan map with any sizeable winnings. The climate in a tier 6 clan when clan wars was running was excitement and a way to newer and intermediate players to get into the groove and earning gold. It was great and fresh.


Now it's just a stale bread tier 10 meta in a tier where war-gaming scrapped the barrel for experimental tanks that frankly aren't iconic or worth the effort to unlock, I've been running a E75 trying to unlock at least one tier 10 to get involved in clan wars again but honestly the credit grind and having to deal with mediums that can deal as much as a heavy can with armor still comparable to mine is honestly just disgraceful. I'd rather be playing tier six again where all the iconic war tanks that /actually existed/ played out their fights.


Though if I had one gripe they could have stood to make some smaller variant maps for the small vehicle per game pool they had going one. I much preferred the smaller teams as well anyway, fifteen people really is a huge amount for a newer or weaker clan.


I'll also mention that the choice to close t6 battles decisively killed off several clans that were happy to train and integrate new players of the game and keep them around dealing with customer retention FOR wargaming. Off the top of my head I can think of Rogue and Empire as examples. (I couldn't remember their exact tags but these should be well enough known.)


Strongholds just don't do what that physical map did...

Naturis #6 Posted Oct 26 2017 - 21:59


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We shall be there. When that map unfreezes we will be there. Forever fighting forever warring. Conflict unending. Because we love that old familiar feeling. We will bring the dawn over the crest and we shall not take one step back. See you after the thaw.


Other commenter is right if you can;t get the 15 / 12 min your hearts not in it. If my chest were a cannon then my heart is the shell.


Untill then o7



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