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Thoughts on AC Experimental and Pz. IV Hydrostat?

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TRK213_Turkey #21 Posted Oct 05 2017 - 21:46

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View Postda_Rock002, on Oct 05 2017 - 14:43, said:

OK..........  the question is answered about that Hydro.   :ohmy:    :teethhappy:   :D


 No foolin'....   A $100 "package"......   for a relatively blind, average speed, thin armored lump?   :facepalm:


It did teach me a valuable lesson.   I really can use a T5 crew premium, and I got one.   It was in mothballs after many months of blowout after blowout, but my Pz T 25 is about as good as WoT's gonna get with German mediums.   The T 25 has 20% better armor, 20% better speed, basically the same gun, and is blind.       It also answered the question, "wonder why you never see a Hydro?"         





Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing.  I would have probably bought the Hydro but but you cannot buy just the tank.  $100 for a tier V with stuff that I don't really need/want seems a bit steep.  :sceptic:

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the_Deadly_Bulb #22 Posted Oct 08 2017 - 06:14


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The bundle isn't that bad ($125.99 CDN) really if you were looking to buy 15k gold (which I would never buy all at once but maybe many would) that would be $83CDN. The Hydrostat bundle also has 3,000,000 credits (again I never buy credits but many may) so you're getting them too. The equipment is really just extra credits, about another 1.2 million, and its hard to value the 50X 5X exp for Hydrostat victories but I suppose they are worth something. The garage slot is another 300 gold. In the end the tank is probably costing about $40. Steep? a bit, but if someone (not I) wants to collect rare pixel tanks its not that egregious.


They might have received more 'bites' if they had given it a zero skill BIA crew rather than the 50 vehicle specific 5X exp Boosters.


I've never really felt enticed by the 'rarity' of their 'rare' pixels personally, but I know several 'collectors' who would have to have one, unless they have it already.

OldFrog75 #23 Posted Oct 10 2017 - 13:08


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View Postthe_Deadly_Bulb, on Oct 08 2017 - 06:14, said:

 In the end the tank is probably costing about $40. Steep? a bit, but if someone (not I) wants to collect rare pixel tanks its not that egregious.



Less than that.  Once you value the Gold ($60), Credits ($30), Equipment ($5), Slot ($1), and the 50 - 5X bonuses ($?), the tank is virtually free.  The real kicker is the current MM environment makes any Preferred MM Premium tank pretty tasty for those who hate being (-2) bottom tier so often, which you will be with any other Tier V German Medium, including the T-25.


Might not be pay to win but definitely is pay to not be clubbed by VII's.  Could even become a growing part of the WG business model = a lot of average players hate being (-2) so much they will pay a premium to avoid it.

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