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WG told me to f*ck off

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SaliasKonstant #1 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 12:16


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Submitted a ticket yesterday.


Me: Hi, for some reason I have never received an email from you regarding the merging servers, despite the fact that I live in Australia. Why didn't I get that email? Although it is a bit later than the due date, I still would like to request the transfer of my account to SEA server. Thank you.


WG(Jonathan Daley): Regrettably, we are not currently able to transfer player accounts to different servers. It is a technical limitation that keeps us from being able to complete transfers. You are welcome to create accounts on other servers using the same email address.


Me:I have couple notes to your answer.
1. Why am I not allowed to transfer my account when the transfer is still going on? Lots of people are still awaiting this transfer in October, just add me to the list.
2. It is your fault that I was not notified about the transfer, although I live in Australia. How can you just tell me to go to create a new account and start all over?! seriously?
3. It is said in the news post that you will help to transfer accounts that have ping issues after the merging - I have 400 ping to NA server right now, I am the person you said you will transfer. so you essentially telling me to uninstall and quit the game? is that your solution? because I'm not going to start a new account from the scratch.


Them (Mark Langston): We understand your frustration that brought you here. Regarding your inquiry we would like to inform you that the server transfer is not as easy as you may think. Again thank you for contacting Wargaming support.

We do hope you will continue to enjoy playing Wargaming, see you out on the battlefield.


Bottom line: So, WG essentially telling me to f*ck off then? Ok, I quit.

P.S. I'm posting this just to give a perspective to some players and WG, and how  trashy customer service is practiced here. Hell and heavens, compared to Blizzard's attention to players base.

heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 12:24


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I'd resubmit it OP, maybe you'll get someone that has a clue.




Darkbee2Bee #3 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 12:54


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Gr8 clickbait. 10/10. Would click again!


I hope you get your transfer woes fixed.

Viper69 #4 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 13:02


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You must have gotten to two geniuses! Haha “it’s not as easy as you may think” that’s the part that cracks me up. Should ask them well what’s involved in the transfer if it’s not as easy as I suspect it is. Moving files has somehow changed over night. The biggest conflict is your name if it matches someone on the destination server. Or god forbid you have a vehicle that isn’t on their server. Of course that is just guessing on my part.

scyorkie #5 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 13:19


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Yup. Basically the kind of response to expect in 99% of all tickets. 

Mad_Dog_Seabee #6 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 13:33


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Those names are fake. Mark Langston sounds like a made up name.

Panman69 #7 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 13:45


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OP, first, did you check your spam/junk folder for the transfer email. It's possible that it made it into one of those. Although, if your email is setup like mine, the spam/junk folder only holds emails for about a month before auto-deleting it.

Second, when they say transfers aren't easy, what they are actually saying is that the "tech support" groups responsible for the other servers are refusing to accept transferred accounts.

And third, and I can't stress this enough, of course they want you to start all over with a new account on another server. Just think about the money they'll make as you re-purchase some of those premium tanks that your current account has.

heavymetal1967 #8 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 13:52


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View PostMad_Dog_Seabee, on Oct 06 2017 - 08:33, said:

Those names are fake. Mark Langston sounds like a made up name.


LOL I was thinking of this Mark Langston. :P


Mankoi #9 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 13:55


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I see the Great Cornholio

View PostSaliasKonstant, on Oct 06 2017 - 11:16, said:



thrashmaniac999 #10 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 14:27


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long live beavis and butthead

Lonewolfpj #11 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 14:35

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Good luck WG support is the most frustrating thing out there.

FighterAce #12 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 19:57

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I would have replied: its not as hard as you might think

MacDaddyMatty #13 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 20:03


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Sorry you are having CS issues OP.

I know a lot would like to be able to transfer and many more would like to roam.


In other news - I just got this:


Block Quote

I noticed that I was awarded 6 garage slots, and then WG took away 8 garage slots.
Looks like this is a Tank Rewards - Halloween issue.
Thanks for looking into it and have a safe weekend!



Dear MacDaddyMatty

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support!

We apologize for the error. Two garage slots were added back to your account to resolve this issue.

Best Regards,
Wargaming America Support



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