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Don't worry about getting good........

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Necrodemus #21 Posted Oct 10 2017 - 14:47

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View Postuberdice, on Oct 10 2017 - 10:27, said:


Yeah, nah.


If there are just as many scrubs at high tier as there are at low tiers, how come your win rate drops like a rock past tier 6?


If you're playing against the same average quality of players, shouldn't your results be consistent across tiers?


You're clearly out of touch with reality if you think that increasing relative skill has nothing to do with this.


Like a rock, well the answer is simple i have new crew, stock gear and no skills till about 300 games i guess when im upgraded and over 100 on crew. 



So lets see, 


t10 wt auf , never got more than a couple hundred games on it and 44%, yup crap stat

t8 rhm     over 300 games    51%

t8 bulldog  over 300 games  52%

t7 t29      over 300 games    54%

spic     56%

t25      59%



So I guess im crappy because I dont buy xp and gear my tanks up from 1st game, i instead dont pay and just grind my way through each tank and each part. I never pass along my crew because they are just getting to 100 when im ready to move on, 


So yes on the passing thru tanks I do have some bad stats, but as my overall record shows with no clan help, no platoons ever, just one player doing nothing but randoms...... im doing just fine, hell theres a reason why purp players keep inviting into clans, because once my tanks are top gear and crew is working on first skill, i tend to rarely not be in top 3 for damage (of course im not talking about lights, they scout....rare as it is).


So nice try on the Drop like a rock.... but all one has to do is actually look at my history and think for one minute and realize whats up.


And yes, there are crap players in every tier, just as many in t10 as in t5...... it would great if this was not true .........  but it is.

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