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Cheating or Slander: Which is It?


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__WarChild__ #41 Posted Oct 10 2017 - 00:46


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Ah.  I never knew that guy's name.  I just saw The Green Mile again and he was in that as well.  May he rest in peace.


Benner2174 #42 Posted Aug 11 2018 - 02:15


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This is nothing new... top clans cheat... its well known that they use some sort of illegal mod, laser mod so they know when to pull out for the snap shot, aimbot to do the aiming for them...  to get an advantage over players. Those no aim snap shots on the move hitting weak spots? Who do you think is aiming that them? BAHAHAH. WG will always protect the top hacking noobs because of one thing... $$$$ they all spend so much money on the game and have no life. Cash cows need to be protected.

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