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The Pre-Sheet – Where to find match day info on the WGLNA and Fantasy League!

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BTed72 #1 Posted Oct 09 2017 - 18:41

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Welcome, all!

My name is BTed72 and I am fortunate to be the host of the WGLNA Community PreShow. 


This forum thread will be updated each match day with the latest info on the WGLNA and advice for your Fantasy League picks. Think of it as a preview to the PreShow.


Issue #5 of the Pre-Sheet


Covering issues ranging from WGLNA tidbits to Fantasy League info.


Welcome to Matchday 15 aka PLAYOFF DAY!


Tonight’s Pre-Show will be kicking off at 4:45 PM Pacific and will cover our usual match night predictions and WGLNA Prognostications but here are few “Pre” bits of info for your enlightenment.


WGLNA Related –


Top 5 players with most matches played –

Mereel                                104– Top Tier

OgHaku                              104 – Top Tier

JoJoJacky_hi                      104 – Top Tier

Makos                                 100 – F7

ChasePotato                         99 – F7         


Expect the unexpected for Playoffs tonight –

In the past 3 Seasons at least one “lower seeded team” has upset the favorite to find their way into the playoffs. Eclipse, Vegas Season. O7, Last Fall Burbank Final. Top Tier, past Spring Burbank Final.


MAKE SURE you head over the to Fantasy Tanks website to vote for who you want in the Pro Bow and what stipulation you want to see the Pro’s play under.



Fantasy League Related –

The season may have concluded many may think that their chance to win a Type 59 is over. They would be wrong! Be sure to pick your team for tonight and lock it in by 5:30 PM Pacific time. Only major difference is you can choose up to 4 per team!



Match Day 14’s winning player was Winchester270 with 2,729.6 points on the night.

His roster was:

Vetro                   Elevate

Oxmathus           Elevate

Spiritwalker         F7

Mereel                Top Tier

Xits                        Top Tier

Makos              F7    

Lovehitman      TT6


Next Tuesday, October 24th we will have our one night Playoffs!

There are 2 big items to be aware of for Fantasy:

* There's no automatic roster carry over for the Playoffs on Tuesday, nor the Live finals.

* The Playoffs and Live finals will have a limit of 4 players per a team, instead of the normal 2.


Tonight, we will see who can win on more time so they can earn a spot at the live final.


Questions –

If you are new to the WGLNA or the Fantasy league feel free to drop any questions here.


Be sure to tune in at 4:45 PM Pacific Time tonight Tuesday the 12th for the Pre-Show as well at:



World of Tanks Facebook page: https://www.facebook...orldOfTanks.NA/



Edited by BTed72, Oct 24 2017 - 20:25.

TragicLoss #2 Posted Oct 10 2017 - 20:05

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The Pre-show is awesome! How else would I know that I'm better than Yoott if not by beating him in Fantasy League?

MadMainer #3 Posted Oct 10 2017 - 23:20


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Best thing to do on Tuesday and Thursday nights!!!! Gather the family around and make it a family night!!!

JasonLeeStrickland #4 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 01:05

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The pre-show is awesome, but I don't like it on Facebook, people see my real name there...

invictus97 #5 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 23:08

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Bted, is there one place to find rosters for tonight's matches if we cant tune into the preshow?

Joe717MarksmN #6 Posted Nov 01 2017 - 00:53


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Who can help me on fantasy prize rewarding, I did not get my prizes for October 19th. 2 Premium days and 4 boosters 2 each. JOE717THEMARKSMN.And by the way Im supposed to be an Officer not a private. I tried fantasy tank g mail address bar wont recognize the address. I checked on this link it said my prizes were 287 to me rank etc...

kamalkhan #7 Posted Dec 20 2017 - 07:27


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mcn ---- +91 8146636662 love vashikaran specialist baba ji  molviji47@gmail.com

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