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Unfair Match Making Continues...

Unfair Match Making

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TheChief1893 #21 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 17:30


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First let me start off by saying I didn't care about win rate until I hit around the 25K mark. Then I decided to concentrate on getting better at the game. I am older at 52 years and don't have the younger twitchy/aim/fire reflexes. But for people to say you shouldn't have XVM is stupid. Why not have a heads up going into a battle? Now don't get me wrong it only affects how I look at a battle over all.

The fact that WG tracks PR and yet doesn't use it is a bit of a problem. That and there seems to be a few cursed tanks as well. My Stug III G, comes to mind, no matter how well I play it the team loses (even when we get good players).

I personally have stopped purchasing (tech tree and prem) tanks until I get better with the ones I have. But loading in with a VK20.01 D into a tier VIII match with Defenders and AT15s is just depressing. If the top tiers cant finish them then our side loses. That is what needs to be fixed. A T-32 Vs. a Defender (even in bad hands) is way unbalanced. Top that with a PR balance like the OP showed and its is disaster no mater how well you aim or play.


Rant Over and Kevlar underpants on.


taugrim #22 Posted Oct 15 2017 - 01:24


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MM is random. Sometimes you get good teams, sometimes bad teams, sometimes average teams. The only consistent factor for any player over thousands of battles is the player.


Objectively, your stats reflect a very poor level of performance across your tanks, and you are in the bottom 5% of the playerbase - it's like getting an F+/D- across the board on your report card:



A "good" player tries to deal their tank's HP in damage. You're averaging 1-2 damaging shots per game in any given tank, which is a fraction of your tank's HP. So there are probably a lot of correctable mistakes that would boost your performance meaningfully.


Unless and until you take some personal accountability for your own performance, you will never improve and you'll have false perceptions such as it's MM's fault that your teams lose consistently. There are plenty of good guides out there - some were already mentioned by other players on this thread - and if you want to improve in this game, same as with any domain or sport in real life, you'll need to invest some time to learn how to play better.

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njrusty #23 Posted Nov 07 2017 - 01:28


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AGREED...This game is a total POS!!!   Been away for 2 years, came back 2 weeks ago to play.  When 9 out of 10 matches are a total slaughter...BS!


Don't give me the BS about playing better.  When your team gets slaughtered almost every match with only 3-4 on enemy team getting killed...there IS A DAMN PROBLEM.   FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!

taugrim #24 Posted Nov 09 2017 - 09:12


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View Postnjrusty, on Nov 07 2017 - 00:28, said:

AGREED...This game is a total POS!!!   Been away for 2 years, came back 2 weeks ago to play.  When 9 out of 10 matches are a total slaughter...BS!


Don't give me the BS about playing better.  When your team gets slaughtered almost every match with only 3-4 on enemy team getting killed...there IS A DAMN PROBLEM.   FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!


So you are gone for 2 years and expect to come back and not have to knock off some rust, rusty?


I looked you up:



  • In the past 24 hours, you've lost 74% of your 73 battles and you are playing a tier average of 8.49
  • You are playing way too many games in a day, and you are almost definitely playing on tilt. Take a break, don't spam battles so much. Most people have difficulty playing well after several hours (fatigue), and you've probably played more than 5 hours in the past day
  • There have been a ton of shifts in the meta for tiers 8-10, which you likely are still learning, along with new maps
  • The game is very punishing of mistakes at tiers 8-10, and you are diving right back into the deep end instead of gradually settling in
  • Your average damage is 755, which means you probably are dealing only half of your tank's HP, on average. That is a very bad sign in terms of performance


If you want to blame MM, go ahead, but no one loses 74% of 73 battles without contributing to the losses in some way.

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Awestryker #25 Posted Nov 09 2017 - 20:37


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View PostDionysus_Zagreus, on Oct 11 2017 - 05:49, said:

I agree with you OP, that battle was lost before the countdown ended......


MM has gotta consider Personal Rating in some capacity.  Blow out wins or losses are not fun, but yet constitute 90% of all matches.  WE, the players, play this for a good fight...... which seem to become rarer every time they tinker with MM.......


All sports are games right?...Therefore, all games are sports...sports = games, and games = sports...


So..I guess, for example, using your logic, in order to have a good fight, a boxer should always be put in with an equal skill opponent?


Question: Then how does our boxer learn to get better?

Answer: He wont get better playing against people at his level...he needs to fight against people better than he is, it hurts to get good, you need to practice and study, its hard work to learn how not to lose...


If MM were made skill-based, what would happen? everyone would become 50% players and no one could tell the better players from the good players...you need losses to be able to tell the difference between the good players and the bad players...just like ALL sports (games) in the world...


You cannot just bumble thru life thinking everyone deserves a ribbon just because they are breathing...you need to earn that ribbon, otherwise that ribbon is meaningless...


Obviously at low tiers in WoT seal clubbing should not be allowed, and it is already filtered by pitting experienced people against similar...but that's just at low tiers 1, 2, 3, maybe 4 (not sure)...but tiers above that its pretty much RNG as to who is against whom...and the cool thing about RNG, is that it balances out over time, so for as many games as you get blowouts against you, guess what, you will get just as many blowouts for you...



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Icon_Charlie #26 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 17:39

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The only Randomness there is is when MM is deciding how much are you going to lose in game. Gotta to keep up their quota you know.

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