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"Enable update seeding" what does it really do?

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Old_Noobette #1 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 01:23

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Does it actually increase the client download time or is it simply to lesson the burden and traffic on wargaming's servers?  And how does it function in lay terms?

Kamahl1234 #2 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 01:47


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Basically the game updates as a torrent. So any "host" (a 100% or partially downloaded file) can upload to another downloader any files they have completed. Basically this eases load on the server while you download, as you also upload what you downloaded to others. 


If it slows down your download it might have a bit more to do with your network and how it handles uploads than anything made to slow it down. 

Yuri_Doujinshi #3 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 01:56


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It means that other people attempting to download the game will download at least a small portion of their game client from your computer. The function originates from torrent sites, where users download files from other users that are "seeding" that particular file. It's considered common courtesy to help seed after downloading from one of those sites, since there are no central servers to host a file; however, in WG's case, they do have servers hosting, and I see no reason to let them cut costs by leeching off my bandwidth. I recommend you leave the setting off.

The_Boz #4 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 02:17


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It is up to the players to lessen the burden on WG servers....makes sense...

sailorboy7982 #5 Posted Oct 14 2017 - 09:34

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I never seed. Why use up my bandwidth for them?

kebab6597 #6 Posted Oct 14 2017 - 09:38


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View Postsailorboy7982, on Oct 14 2017 - 08:34, said:

I never seed. Why use up my bandwidth for them?


Nor do I but I only have a half meg upload and 2 meg download speed so constantly uploading to other people would cripple my connection

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