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Game does not open

Game does not open launcher play

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akbdkh #1 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 02:30


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Deciding to return to play, I took advantage that my OS is clean and decide to download spent half an hour more download at the time of opening the launcher and "PLAY" does not open the login screen or anything gets only process, drivers are authed firewall released and do not have anti-virus.



worldoftanks (compiled at 12:32:36 Aug 18 2017) starting on Thu Oct 12 22:17:58 2017

2017-10-12 22:17:58.961: INFO: [Config] Command line: C:/Games/World_of_Tanks/worldoftanks.exe wot_wait_for_mutex




Log started:
12/10/2017 22:16:54

12/10/2017 22:16:53          Loading localized resources...
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Loading configuration...
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Process configuration file: 'C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WoTLauncher.cfg'
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Download speed is unlimited
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Auto update settings: install(2); display(1); check period: 1800 sec; install period: 14400 sec
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Restored selected chain: sd3
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Update localizations...
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Start "WoTLauncher.exe" params=""C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WoTLauncher.exe" "
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Session id="607B7F7D48465E304382FA9411B44032"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Installation id="3bf9067c1ceb76558d5662bbf68e126fb2194d0b"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Info for "WoTLauncher.exe": Version:, Comment: "Built: 20170511 142426, Revision: #627471 (stable_3.26.2)"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Create update folder: path="C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\Updates"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Try access patch folder: path="C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\Updates"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Create temp folder: path="C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\UpdatesData\temp"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Try access temp folder: path="C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\UpdatesData\temp"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Save configuration: path="C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WoTLauncher.cfg"
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Running tray request: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WargamingGameUpdater.exe -protocol 1 -command notify_started -caller_pid 2260
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Start update process
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Clear directory with updates data, clear all non-part folders, including temp
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Obtain patch information...
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Get update.xml from update service
12/10/2017 22:16:54          Send http request. url: "http://update.worldo...3380&lang=pt_br"
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Http request completed
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Target (sdcontent) is up to date
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Update complete. part: "sdcontent"
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Clear old update files
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Update complete
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Running tray request: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WargamingGameUpdater.exe -protocol 1 -command notify_update_succeed -caller_pid 2260
12/10/2017 22:16:55          Start waiting for Idle shutdown period: at least 7200 sec...
12/10/2017 22:17:56          Stop waiting for Idle shutdown period
12/10/2017 22:17:56          User has launched client. Executable: worldoftanks.exe
12/10/2017 22:17:56          Stop. Reason: user started game; Code: 0x01000004










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RickPatton #2 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 03:13


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Hope this helps resolve your error code.





_Rudedog #3 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 03:15


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This should be considered an omen.






Save yourself.

akbdkh #4 Posted Oct 18 2017 - 17:34


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There is nothing on the list that can be happening on my pc and I'm seeing several people with the same problem.

Umpoid_the_actual #5 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 01:35


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Connection FIX—


(My first post to these forums.)


I played the 4.3 upgrade, then for some reason clicked Disconnect From Server.  I couldn’t connect again, and the website wouldn’t recognize my email.  I spent ages in these Windows oriented forums, and I have a Mac.  


I tried all kinds of stuff to no avail, then found the fix.  It’s that DAVA folder buried in  User/Library/Containers/net.wargaming.wotblitz.macos(sic)/Data.  


Delete (park in Trash until you know for sure) that Data folder; the actual culprit is buried deeper, but it contains a bunch of other stuff copied from my user directory that are misc personal files and should be deleted anyway.


After I did this, the game booted with a server selection panel, and I was playing in short order, still am days later.


On the Garage leftmost menu panel, Settings is right next to server disconnect.  There is room to move that Disconnect button away from the Settings button, which may reduce player troubles.


(Someone said to close browsers, using bandwidth, when opening WoT.  I have found that if the browser is idle, not a problem, but twice when the browser was downloading YT pages, WoT did not load properly.)


I’m having a blast with this game.


PS.  To get to this forum, my Blitz ID attempts got nowhere, so I created a second name account under my same email address.  Did I make a mistake there?  Do I need to cancel it or WoT will have future conniptions?

Griffon327327 #6 Posted Oct 22 2017 - 11:26

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have a chip built onto motherboard for LAN that has software for the chip that runs everything network instead of using ram and cpu and it allows me to prioritize everything using internet


I have allocated as priority WOT on this software and browser and all downloads are throttled back while im playing game the moment I log in

I can stream 3 movies and download 15 more and still play game with ping of 25 tops with no lag


the movies and dowloads slow to a crawl during game play but do not fail or disconnect . you can buy lan cards that alos do this but they are $150 plus better to come already on motherboard


granted this is not a normal motherboard but a gaming rig model but when building a gaming rig all your money should be spent on best MB available as ram and cpu can always be upgraded later when price drops but if motherboard does not support the items you have to upgrade the foundation yet again

1980C10400CID #7 Posted Oct 24 2017 - 06:36


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I keep getting some type of can not run  and it telling me to delete and re download which I did nd then it did it again! Any ideas?

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