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hetzer vs marder 38t

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jonj02 #1 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 08:42


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i want to get a tier 4 td german...cause i got a crew,,,

if i go with the hetzer it would be with the 75 mm gun(tier v), and i want to use the hetzer as a sniper...

the marder 38t the same...i think the same gun


the big differences i see on the comparison feature is marder sees considerably further...fires faster....by a big margin.....


the hetzer has much much better frontal armor(can reliably bounce valentine ii gold rounds)  the hetzer bottom glacis plate  is really well sloped....and the hetzer has much much better camo

66%/16% stationary with camo skill and camo net...brother in arms..vents...16% while firing is really goood.


retraining my crew means i cant play the marder ii anymore and the gold fee is about $4.


also it will take about 25 games get comfortable in which ever i pick


any feedback will be appreciated

Babu_kun #2 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 09:12


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It depends what you want your next move to be beyond tier 4. 


Whether you will enjoy heavier armor with good firepower. Going with the Hetzer will play a lot more like the Jagdpanzer IV, JPanther and above, having a good gun with decent armor with varying mobility. 


Or if you want to go the full sniper route. Going for the Marder will prepare you more for the lightly armored, behind a bush, sneaky TDs that the Grille line tends to be. with the added benefit of turrets at tier 8+.


But for tier 4 itself people enjoy the 105 derp on the Hetzer more for its shoot and scoot style while other tend to just move on from the Marder after getting what they want out of it.

I. personally, like the sniper style more but have been working down the more armored line to see how it is.


Borsig is fun once you learn her ways. Jagdtiger is a beast when you get the right positions. But the tier 10s are completely different styles.

jonj02 #3 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 10:02


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i dont like the bad habits one practices when using a derp gun

the bad gun handling and crap dispersion..require someone to fire center mass almost always...

really how many derpers ever think about soft spots on a tank...they are just happy to hit the target


i want to learn the weak points of tier 6 and 5s and using an accurate gun will do that...i am much more interested in learning sniping spots and relocation spots  then how to point an click a big crappy gun and hope it pens


one translates to the higher tiers better and the other does not...


really how many tier 9 and tens guns have a dispersion of 0.53+ at 100m


i will check that now...but i think i am right

mongoosejake #4 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 11:29


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Ask yourself this first: Am I good at using concealment and mobility to my advantage?


If you answered yes to both, then you will get the most out of the Marder 38t. That thing is lethal when played properly (as in stay hidden, and flex where needed, or bail if danger threatens). It's fairly stealthy, has a nice weapon with better handling than the Hetzer, and is far more mobile. 


If you answered no, then first try and learn how to use concealment and mobility. For now, if you really aren't good at playing a unarmored td to it's strengths, then get the Hetzer. It has enough armor to shrug off a few hits and cover some mistakes. It's not as mobile, has poorer gun handling, and is blind as can be. Its main strength is the frontal armor and being able to mount the 105. 


The Marder 38t is a hidden gem in WoT. Awesome TD for it's tier, and still lethal to tanks 2 tiers above it.

Da_Craw #5 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 12:49


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The Marder for sniping/mid-range support.  It lays down damage like no other tank at tier.  It is like an autoloader with an unending clip.  But it is a glass cannon.


The StuGIIIB is a really nice platform and very flexible.  A slightly different armor profile than the Hetzer, but still pretty well armored for Tier IV.  I prefer it to the Hetzer for the 75 gun.


Hetzer is the best fit for the derp.  What it lacks in top speed it makes up for in traverse.  In towns it is a terror.  It pivots so fast it is barely at a disadvantage for being turretless. [EDIT: that applies to the StuG, not the Hetzer]  It lends itself to a completely different playstyle and OP, you aren't wrong in general, but good derpers DO try for weakspots for max damage.


One final note: if you go with the Marder 38t, you will never want to play the Marder 2 again, so don't worry about losing that crew..  The rate of fire on the 38 is staggering.



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miklkit #6 Posted Oct 14 2017 - 01:42

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Get all 3!  I have and like the Marder38T, Hetzer, and Stug IIIB.  Each one has its unique personality.  The Marder is the best sniper with its view range, the Hetzer has the best camo, and the Stug is a great all around performer.


In the Marder follow the heavies and give them support.  The Hetzer needs the vision of the lights so follow them in it and take out what they spot.  It has twitchy handling so it works best when it hangs back a bit.  The Stug has it all and can fight on its own or support others.


You are correct to avoid the 105.  I gave up on it in the Hetzer and Stug and they immediately started doing better. 

RoIito #7 Posted Oct 14 2017 - 03:21

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Hetzer: 105.

StuG III G: 75.


There is no reason to use the 105 on higher tier TDs.

angrybovine #8 Posted Oct 18 2017 - 16:25

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The only tank I have that earned the Tank Sniper medal is the Hetzer.  That was with the 105.


But then again, i don't really snipe at distance much.

Ken_McGuire #9 Posted Oct 18 2017 - 17:56


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The Marder 38t is a good, solid TD, and a HUGE step up from the Marder II. I have definitely enjoyed playing it - each time I have bought it. But I have sold it repeatedly. The Hetzer is a fun little ambush tank that can send many tanks to the garage with a single shot while also bouncing many a rushed shot off of its upper plate. It has a permanent place in my garage.


I just find the Hetzer derp to be oddly more reliable in the tier 4 chaos/meta.

utgotye #10 Posted Oct 18 2017 - 21:34

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RoF vs alpha as usual.  You really can't go wrong with either.  The Hetzer is almost a meme tank at this point.


Hetzer: use the derp.

Marder - use the 75mm.

Marchosia #11 Posted Oct 18 2017 - 21:49


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Picking between these two is like the difference between a Mojito and a shot of Canadian Club -

One is for pleasure, the other for business.

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