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New Maps "Artist's" overview

new maps sandbox 9.20

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TboneOathKeeper #1 Posted Oct 15 2017 - 18:09


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Hello Tankers,

Sorry for the Bad English, Get that out of the way now. First is that I come from 3 Generations of Artists in my family. Growing up with Background gives me a little different look at things. Reading a lot of Forum letters it seems players are worried there graphic cards may or may not handle this. Good news is , it sounds like World of Tanks kept this in mind when they worked on the new maps. WOT knows most of it's fan base has less powered computers and would need to keep that in mind.

   As far as the new Maps go..........WOW !!!!

Well Done World of Tanks........Maybe some of those Graphic Artists need a raise now.....lol.

      There is a Whole new feel to the game. Almost like going from WOT's to playing Blitz. Big changes and stunning views. Breathe taking at times and keeps you  looking for more. As a company plan goes , this is Perfect. These new "HD" maps should bring some of the "Old School" players back to the game. YES>>>>> we all want new maps, I agree on that. But this is cool too and players should welcome these new changes to the game. I found that the "TRACERS" are Great and I would go further with Tracer rounds. Being Colorblind and a Artist , when that tracer comes screaming by your head. You know there is someone wanting to kill you. Tracer rounds also lets you know quickly that your team is giving you cover fire or hitting targets that you marked on mini map. WELL DONE.....

   Water is great and makes game ever closer to real-life . The Gun Blasts from the big guns are cool too. When you see a Bush move and a big flash.....you know something is coming. I did see some crazy stuff like little white butterflies flying around. Some graphic mistakes but mostly very tight work. You all know about the "Kick offs" , players are talking a lot about getting kicked off more then normal.

After 50 games on the "Sandbox" , I would have to say.........Well Done and I can't wait for more. Give me!!!!



Loach06 #2 Posted Oct 15 2017 - 19:45


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Great graphics, like small changes in current maps will make better play.


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