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New ANZ Server and APAC Transfers

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BadLuckBuddy #281 Posted Jul 24 2018 - 09:50


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TBH, I really don't care about restarting on asia severs after playing on NA severs becasuse my highest tier tank is the IS-3, but the thing I hate the most is that wargaming can't help with at least transfering my premium tank, the IS-6 I have asked if it's possible to at least transfer that over cause it is a 11,800 gold tank or $64.99 AUD tank, yes the extra 200 gold is there. I hate playing with a ping of 350-550 ms and who knows what the packet loss is but at least the hong kong get me under 200 ms and no packet loss from what I can tell and down to 12 ms on the Australian severs.  I am just abit pissed that a $65 tank is stuck on an account that I don't really want to play.  If the window to transfer accounts opens up again, that would be awesome considering I didnt even find out that they were transfering accounts until today.  

AussieBob #282 Posted Jul 24 2018 - 10:24


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Hate to tell you this, but that OP was back in Oct last year.  It's not an annual thing.  You may be waiting a long time for transfers to open again, if in fact they ever do.


I originally transferred over to SEA (ASIA) back at the end of 2012.  I think they have had transfers twice since then.


My main account is on ASIA with 35k of battles and lots of Premium tanks, but I do keep an NA account with small stuff in it.

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Springfield_Fats #283 Posted Jul 26 2018 - 13:35


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I applied for the transfer and got several emails about it before they stopped. When I asked what happened they told me I had missed out so I wouldnt rely on competence to actually get transferred if they ever do it again.

bennoloveswar #284 Posted Apr 10 2019 - 11:10


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I know im a bit late but im looking for any opportunity to switch over, i started playing in 2011 on NA and i missed the opportunity to switch over in late 2017, im seriously hoping theres another way for me to switch over now, because the ping has just become too bad

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