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Penetration "indicator"

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viper02 #1 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:03


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I do not understand the so called penetration indicator. 99% of the time its green but the shots still bounce. Even within 10 meters i get mostly bounces with a green reticule. One time in my KT i bounced three shots in a row with 105mm off a kv-3 hull with green.

SHISHKABOB #2 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:08


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I get the same thing. I can only assume that the green means it is comparing your average penetration value to the 0 degree thickness of the armor where you are pointing. What I mean is that it is not taking into account slope, and slope can have a huge effect on the effective thickness of armor.

Dominatus #3 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:10


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Well, two main reasons I can think of.

1. Shells will rarely hit the arrow (where the indicator is showing), and will therefore go a little off and hit a more durable area. With the KT though, this probably isn't it.
2. Green means it should pen with some reliablility, not that it definetley will. So, you could have really bad luck.

Anothing thing is the indicator might just be wrong sometimes...

navygamer #4 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:11


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I believe this indicator just helps you show where a round you can fire will be able to penetrate the tank if you hit the armor flush. It doesn't take into account any angling that the armor has at all.

ZombieFlanders #5 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:12


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the pen indicator doesnt account for the angle you are at in respect to the target (the 0 degree thickness mentioned above), so the more acute the angle the more likely it will ricochet.

TheDude101 #6 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:15

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Indicator is just that. It indicates (imo) what level of reliability you will penetrate an enemy tank at where your aiming.

So green means you should have a pretty descent chance to penetrate when firing squared up to your target.
Orange would mean its unlikely, but you may get lucky.
Red means find another tank to shoot or spam HE :P

Just guesses, but that's what I've always thought of it.

Parasprite #7 Posted Aug 25 2011 - 04:25

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Bouncing is not the same thing as failing to penetrate.

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