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Tank Model Exporter Utility

editor modding mesh editing

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Coffee_ #1 Posted Oct 22 2017 - 20:47

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Version 26 is out. Changed where the data for Terra is saved.. This doesn't effect the average user of Tank Exporter.

Version 25 is out. This fixes a memory leak.


Version 24 is out. TE now loads the tanks from the extended packages.


Version 23 is out.. This fixes a silly bug in the game and res_mods path. It was not working as planned.
Also, I added code to load more of the missing tank components.


Version 22 is out.. Now you don't need to keep updating the game and res_mods path after every update. TE saves it in the temp folder and reads it at load time.


Version 21 is out.. Added a shader for viewing the FBX models.


Hey... Its me again.
Just wanted to let ya'll know my tank modding tool is now fully functional.
It allows you to load the tank models.. Export them as FBX so you can change them in an app like 3DS Max or Maya.

System Unit Scale should be set to : 1 unit = 10.0 centimeters.  You can set the view scale to anything you want but can effect view port clipping.

Once you make your changes, export them from your 3D app as FBX and import them in to Tank Exporter.
When TE imports it will figure out what was changed or added and set up the save box for you.
Just go to the File menu and click Write Primitive and a small window will pop up where you save the tank in the games .primitive format.

Things you can and can not do.
You can NOT change the chassis or gun models. The vertex format is not supported in TE for these.
Tank Exporter now allows you to add individual object to the model. It takes care of editing the visual for you. It also will change which shader to use in the game based on what textures your additions contain.

You can use use diffuse textures, normal textures and Specular textures when you create materials.
New objects will need either "_hull" or "_turret" added to their names.. This naming will let TE know which part of the tank to add this item to when .primitive file is saved.
You can add and remove vertices in the turret and hull. If you want, you can move them around.. Really.. Its only limited by imagination.

There is a way to add more than one item to a hull or turret component. You would need to save the primitive, reloaded it, export it.. add to it, import it in TE and write the primitive. TE will search the res_mods folder to see if the tank has been extracted there and if so, will load it from that location. You will need to set the path in TE to this folder AND the game folder. Instructions are in the help file. Click the blue question mark.
Tank Exporter will automatically modify the visual file for the hull or turret if an item was added.
You can edit this file in a text editor once the primitive has been written from TE.

Tank Exporter needs a lot of data to work.. At the start up the first time.. it will create a temp folder and build data for access later.
This takes a fair amount of time so don't flip out over it. It only has to happen once when you first run Tank Exporter. After.. it will load this data at start up.
TE will also gather information from the DEV API online.. This is fairly fast and also.. only needs to happen once.
If there is a change in the games tank data.. than you can use the file menu to delete the temp folder and rebuild the data. This would only need to happen if new tanks are added or older ones changed by World of Tanks.

Other features of Tank Exporter...
Displaying of Textures and UV maps... It can also save the UV map as a texture you can use as a painting template for texture modding.
If the texture view window is open and the "show UVs" is selected, mousing over the tank will show that UV on the tank and in the Texture View window.
TE can also show the BSP2 model and the BSP2 Tree. You can NOT change these.. It was added because I could ;)

The shader I wrote does a good job at rendering the tanks close to how they are in game. It uses all the textures that the game has such as AO GMM and DETAIL.
Also.. TE can display camouflage.. It works but there are a few very minor bugs..
There are buttons to hide each part of the tank. You show the tank as fully rendered or with out any textures. You can display the mesh edges also.
You can hide the grid in the view window.
Overall.. this app is very useful but to complete the entire editing/modding process, I recommend grabbing my Swizzler and XML editor programs as well.
Here is a link to my GitHub : https://github.com/mikeoverbay

Feel free to use my tools.. 
The file you want is the MSI. Its the installer.. Click it and on the next page in the upper right is the download link.
Currently, Tank Exporter is at version 15.
NOTE: Anything that is extracted from the .PKG files belongs to WARGAMING.NET... THEY OWN THAT DATA!
You can do modding with it but don't even think about posting any models on free model sites or worse.. trying to sale them. ITS ILLEGAL!!!

If you like and use my tools and want to show gradatude, there is a link in the help file :)

EDIT: This is a work in progress. If you are having problems using it or the results are not what you expected, send me a message with the issue you are having.
Because 3D apps export slightly different versions of FBX, it might take some testing and debug/code changes to get this working 100 with different apps.

Here is a change to the  M53's turrent.. Notice how the new machine guns are casting shadows. I was always under the impression the BSP2 model was used for this but from this image, that holds no water.

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ChunkySquirrel #2 Posted Oct 22 2017 - 22:01


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I read it all and enjoyed it simply because how nice and informative it was set up.

Coffee_ #3 Posted Oct 24 2017 - 06:02

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Work is progressing..
There are bugs that are being fixed in the Import/export and writer sections.
Here's pic of a test .. Thanks to Milkym4n for testing and feed back.

Coffee_ #4 Posted Oct 24 2017 - 23:41

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Still sorting out issues.. I'm having a bit of trouble converting the normal vectors back in to the 888 compressed uint32.
But.. It does work at modding take geometry... There will be a new release late tonight or tomorrow once I get the normal conversion worked out.

I took all 3 diffuse maps and normal maps and created 2 larger maps.. In 3DS Max. I created a new material using those 2 maps.. Diffuse and Bump.
I edited the UVs and scaled and translated them to the proper place on the single large map. I renamed the Alma twin model to Alma_turret and exported the FBX as Alma_M53.FBX... Next I imported Alma_M53.FBX in to Tank Exporter.. It asked to extract the contents and seeing how I'm only interested in the turret.. that is the only box I checked along with LOD0 only. Once the fbx was imported.. I wrote the primitive file making sure only turret was checked.
I opened up the visual for the turret using my WoT XML editor and changed the path to the textures to their normal locations. I had to change the lightonly fx to normal and add in a line for the normal map. I also used Swizzler to convert the diffuse and normalmap to DDS and save them in the normal location under the tanks name in res_mods.
The edited bit of XML looks like this. This lights the twins with bump mapping and looks pretty darn good.
Alma is from the 'Rings" movie.. Fitting for this time of year :)

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Coffee_ #5 Posted Nov 07 2017 - 18:07

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TE is finding 520 tanks and adding them to the lists.

4 of these are no longer in the game but are in the data such as the E100 WT (Waffle)


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sabinoplane #6 Posted Dec 10 2017 - 19:56


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Hello! I am a  noob at WoT modding so i've been surfing the engine for a while in search of a program that let me create .primitive files! Yours seems to do that but... Sadly I cant get it to work! I read the instructions and follow them, everything seems to be fine until i try to write primitives, it says i have not extracted data for this model (which idk if its normal) I click to stract from the PKG, it loads, and then I get an error!

This is my error report, im sorry some parts are in spanish but maybe it helps!



Any help would be appreciaded, i really want to mod this game!

Coffee_ #7 Posted Dec 12 2017 - 05:10

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Does the model display right in tank exporter?

The tool only exports a model if a FBX has been loaded...
the menu item for this should be disabled until you load a valid FBX.

Make sure you set the game path to the games root folder.. World_of_Tanks.. some times maybe _NA is on the end.. it depends on how WoT was installed.

Make sure you set the res_mods path to the current game version.. currently its

Right click on a model and select 'Extract to res_mods Folder'... You only need to extract the Hull for this test....  Check your res_mods folder to make sure the path is right and that the tank data is written there.

Next... right click the same tank and select Export FBX... it does not matter where you save the FBX as long as you can remember where you exported it to.

Next... import the FBX back in to TE. Its under the File Menu selection.
Because you have not changed anything, you will need to tell it what to save in the next step. check ONLY the 'hull' check box and than 'Write file(s)'

post back if it works.


sabinoplane #8 Posted Dec 12 2017 - 18:12


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Oh! Thanks for replying!! Im so happy to find someone who knows how to do this, and also a program that isnt dead due to the wot updates! :D


Ill check all you asked now!


The model displays in FBX all right, both before and after editing (the textures change though!)

I checked the game path! It's all right!

Here, In the res_mods part, i was doing something wrong! I had selected the root "res_mods" folder, not the folder for the current version! Fixed this!

Extracted to res_mods folder, only hull, checked it, everything seems to have been correctly extracted!

Exported FBX!

Imported the same FBX i exported (with no changes, i think this is what you asked me to do? Correct me if i misunderestood!)

Writing primitives, Hull box checked

Nothing happened! No error reports! I think this means it worked?


Maybe it has something to do with the program I am using to edit the 3D model! I am using Maya instead of 3ds max! Exporting from Maya as an OBJ and then converting it to FBX With Autodesk FBX converter 2013!


I am going to check if my model works now that i corrected the Res_mods thing!

Oh no, Now I am getting the error earlier? Similar error, but when importing the FBX! Maybe its something to do with my model?


Tried with one of the older test models! Like a Pz. IV H with the a little detail I removed from the turret model just to see if it worked, imported all right! but got the error again while exporting!


If you want me to upload my models, or error reports or screenshots of anything just tell! And thanks for the help! :D

Coffee_ #9 Posted Dec 12 2017 - 19:18

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Yes.. I wanted you to save it unedited to see of it saved OK with no changes... It does so the problem is in the FBX.
One thing that MUST happen... 


Maya can export FBX directly.. Id not convert it as it might lose information.

UV coordinates will screw up the model if they are missing or there are more than there are vertices in the model.

For every vertex, there must be exactly ONE UV coordinate.

In 3ds there is a channel info window that will list all the counts for vertices, and UVs.
Seeing how the exception is stating index out of range.. I would guess there are missing UVs for the vertices.
For maya I think you need to look at this.. It explains how to look at the models definition data... UV, vert and so on counts.


More than likely, there is a UV issue going on...
Hope this helps..

IstarFreyr #10 Posted Jan 29 2018 - 11:36


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Your TE is very useful, i do appreciate your work!

[Edited, Problem solved]

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