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Clan member promotion

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Sully83 #1 Posted Oct 26 2017 - 20:22


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Hey fellow tankers and commanders,


Just thought i'd start up a discussion see some other people's opinions on clan members promotion's, coming from starting a fairly new clan, and having a rank system designed by another clan member that i allowed for trial period, and that failed pretty bad :unsure: so before going out and trying to write up a new promotion ranking system, taking from what failed and worked with the last one,  thought i would get some feed back, take some advice and apply some further much needed help to my own,  any help and advice from your current set up, or even some personal thoughts on what you think would be a fair for all,


thanks everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions, and helping a fellow tanker better his clan, much appreciated

Sully83/ BITSA thanks you all.

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dominator_98 #2 Posted Oct 26 2017 - 20:59


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You definitely should NOT be using a rankup system based on player participation. The worst player in your clan could wind up with a lot of power just because he is there every night. Base your rankup on the player's maturity/responsibility and how well their ideas line up with yours.


A successful clan has one commander and a few reliable XO's. These people shouldn't be the best or most active members, but should be the people who share your goal for your clan, whether that is to build a tier X competitive clan, or to keep having fun at tier 6. Most importantly the XO's should be loyal. I've seen more than one clan fall because the XO that ran skirms every night took half the clan with him when he left because the XO wanted to be the CO. 


To earn the combat officer rank, a player should be a competent battle caller and is willing to bear the responsibility of starting skirmishes every night. A healthy number of these is vital. If the same person starts the skirms every night and he goes afk for a week or two, the clan dies and people start to leave. (This problem temporarily killed MUG-G for a while when I was in it.)


Recruitment officer - I recommend a fair amount of these. Anyone you trust enough to only invite players that meet your stat requirements and not kick anyone can be a recruitment officer.


Personnel officer - Anyone you trust to be both a Combat officer and a Recruitment officer


Junior officer - An empty title, I'd use it to reward behavior that you like, a trial rank for combat officer perhaps.


Quartermaster - useless position, don't need any


Intelligence officer - Useless position, maybe promote someone to intelligence officer if they are being a smart@$$ just as a joke. If your clan is into memeing around.


Just my 2 cents, primarily learned in my time in MUG-G. There are plenty out there who bash on the MUG clans because they aren't the best players, but I'd argue they are the best managed clans out there (at least MUG-G was). None of the MUGs have ever just up and died like FD_UP, 2HARM, etc.



__Worm__ #3 Posted Oct 26 2017 - 21:02


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you shouldn't have a "system" so much as a keen eye for rewarding merit.

if someone is taking charge and running training rooms or getting strongholds going or maybe even platoon drops... that seems the type of person you want to put in a command and control position.


just putting people in charge of stuff because you think they should do it doesn't work out well usually. if they are doing as stated above and the promotion is based off of merit, much better.


you might not have the luxury of having motivated people as members and if that is the case, fire and hire.


as far as the minions go .... if someone has recruit status and they are showing up and doing whats needed why have a probationary period ? take charge and make them a permanent member . making them wait is a horrible thing.


having a system is much different from straight forward make it work, some systems can't adapt.


Devildog8 #4 Posted Oct 26 2017 - 21:14


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2 words you dont want " Empty Suits" stats have nothing to do with leadership itself, the willingness to do the role put forth is everything, if you promote XOs make sure they can run a clan in your absence if needed, Recruitment Officers are probably the one rank that gets abused a lot, if they are not out trying to rope in new members they shouldn't wear the title....period, Combat Officer is another rank that is abused sometimes, this is a rank where skill and knowledge of the game and its mechanics goes hand and hand, Combat Officers need to know how to call, no if or buts about it, they are the one Officer that are probably counted on the most, your clan needs to be able to understand the calls and execute the calls, Combat Officers need to be looking at strats and trying to come up with the winning formula  to help your clan succeed, anyone can say go that way or this way, its a situational aware individual that will gain you wins.


If the Officers you choose cant live up to the role, then they shouldnt be officers...sorry thats my take


Good Luck 

Otter_von_Bismarck #5 Posted Oct 27 2017 - 05:14


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Here's the system OTTER uses, which is basically the same system we used from when I started the Clan with Huck & Luci in 2013, with the addition of the new ranks that did not exist, of course.


Commander: That's you. You're the guy in charge and your say is final. With that power comes responsibility, ultimate responsibility in fact. It's your clan, and you'll be held to account for the actions of those under you. You're going to have to put in a lot of time and effort, more than anyone else, if you want the clan to succeed, but you'll have a much easier time with good XOs, and if you have a good officer corps top to bottom you'll have the resilience to outlive most other clans. 


Executive Officers: They are the Commander when the Commander isn't on. A good XO knows how to do everything the Commander does with the same authority the Commander has, which is partially the responsibility of the Commander to ensure all the members understand that the XOs have the confidence of the Commander. It's generally a good idea for one XO to be the actual XO, that is, the 2nd in Command. You can also delegate responsibility for certain areas, such as having one XO in charge of diplo, one in charge of recruitment, one in charge of calling and battles, etc. If you're going to be competitive in CW though, all XOs need to be versed in all facets of nightly CW management, from diplo to chips to strat development, battle organization, personnel management and calling.


Personnel Officers: Generally someone who does more than just calling or just recruitment. This is where lower ranking officers who show initiative should be promoted to initially. They're guys that the CO or XOs can rely on to take on additional tasks and responsibilities, they're essentially XOs in training.


Combat Officers: They're good players who know the maps, understand the meta and can call and win fights. Pretty basic.


Recruitment Officers: They're good players who are highly active, and can identify and evaluate other good players who are prospective recruits. You need to trust them to not just invite their buddies without authorization too. The best Recruitment Officers, in addition to having the aforementioned qualities are well organized and process oriented, but highly results driven.


Intelligence Officers: Far less important these days than they were back when the rank was called Diplomat, but if you're going to be on the CW map you may still want these to help conduct diplomacy with other clans. A good Intelligence Officer has been playing the game for a while and knows all the important clans and their history. He watches the map incessantly and knows how to talk to people, diplomatically.


Junior Officer: Ceremonial title for olde guard and valuable players.


Any questions feel free to ask. I'm also willing to formally consult.

MashiMongoloid #6 Posted Oct 27 2017 - 13:54


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If you want to reward people who are active, then do it with gold or a title such as "player of the week" or do something based on boxes earned.  Don't base rank off of it.  If they're doing the job then promote them to the position, not the other way around.

MacDaddyMatty #7 Posted Oct 27 2017 - 15:01


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Well, 1st of all...


D-DAY has 2 levels of officer:

- Voting (CO, XO, PersO, Recruiter)

- Non-voting (CombatO).

We don't use the other Officer ranks.


We did this because there are players that want to run SHs and use the airstrike/arty function, but do not want the drama of being an officer.



Our Officers are very democratic about how we manage the clan

When a member express interest in being an Officer, we take a vote.

We look at ability and participation and social skills.


Every year we hold elections for CO.


Worked very well so far.




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