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[Supertest][Maps] Return of Province + New Minsk prototype

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Avalon304 #21 Posted Oct 30 2017 - 00:59


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View Post_Schneller_Heinz_, on Oct 29 2017 - 11:58, said:


Get ready for another camp fest on ProvinceSmile_sceptic.gif

In particular if wargaming considers this map for tier higher then 2.

PS. It seems wargaming's developers are more lost then the lost space cadet.


The only reason province was a camp fest in tanks higher than tier 2 was because it was too small... the newer version is clearly bigger. I dont see the new version becoming a campfest, despite it not being a map I would have considered bringing back.

LpBronco #22 Posted Oct 30 2017 - 02:04


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No such thing as a bad map at this juncture.


Will be real glad to see the return of Province especially in its expanded form (ver.1) and the Minsk map might take a while to learn all the nuances to that map.


Thanks for the feedback concerning maps, you might just end up filling Dance's shoes.

3BAC #23 Posted Nov 07 2017 - 02:19


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View PostGroza_Tanke, on Oct 28 2017 - 20:58, said:

The new version of Minsk looks like another, Pilsen, Ensk, etc. copy.  There are too many maps like this in the game already.  Give us a few more open maps without too many buildings or tight choke points.  Please use a bit of imagination.  Keep working on the maps.


Pilsen (Ensk 2.0)

Minsk (Ensk 3.0 or, as I will call it, MEnsk)


The Ruinbergs


The planned Kharkov


All town on one side, field on the other. Surely you can find more creative ways to make maps enjoyable by all classes.

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