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why are all servers down?

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dedo99 #41 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:39


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up again


Dunderberg #42 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:39


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Ho! I'm in!


tank_master_sniper #43 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:39


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That's because you guys camped and failed to stop the Leviathan from getting to the portal to hell.

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CH53D_USMC #44 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:41


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Back in lets go kill some tanks.

KaBrUnKeRa #45 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:43


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cool now my tier five and six are gone
 we started well

papawx3 #46 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:44


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The  real issue for WG Inc. is not their crap servers {which do suck}, but rather SOLVENCY. WG is the majority owner of Hellenic Bank in Cyprus which according to Bloomberg Financial Services is negative net income to the tune of almost -19% so far this year. It has cash flow problems too. Their bonds are rated JUNK. The Orthodox Church of Cyprus sold their minority shares AT A DISCOUNT recently just to get out of the "investment".  So what does that tell you? Either someone is using this bank for nefarious activities or their loan portfolio has gone negative {or both}. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter I guess, no bank can survive those kinds of losses. This bank was bailed out by the European Union Central Bank a few years ago, but I don't expect them to be the white knight a second time, now that Cyprus has adopted closer ties with Russia. Politics. I know allot of you guys have allot {too much} of your money tied up in this game, and it is something to think about. If WG Inc. goes bankrupt, you will most likely lose your account, unless someone buys WOT from them for cash and assumes the membership base as it is. One thing is for certain: The customer service would improve. I believe all of these technical problems we have been seeing lately are just further confirmation of a company experiencing cash flow problems.

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UsagiLover #47 Posted Oct 29 2017 - 01:47


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HAHAHAHA Wargaming screws the pooch again, so who is paying for this game and WHY!!!!????? The server merge was a big mistake tonight I got lag spikes and disconned repeatedly

Red_Baron007 #48 Posted Nov 05 2017 - 03:04


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That is bad enough, but the fact that they stubbornly refuse to fix MM has all but ruined the game for me. There is no excuse now that everyone is jammed onto one server. Yet they insist on ignoring it. 


When you pit blue players against read players, the matches are NOT fun. For the blue player, it is worst case scenario an even match. But for the red and orange players it is a slaughter. For some reason WOT and good players don't get that. Baffles me. So I'm scaling way back. Last few games have been "BOHICA" matches. 


And lastly... a bunch of us lost things when the system crashed. Not a word on compensation for these losses. Nothing. Crickets. 

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Paladin1954 #49 Posted Nov 05 2017 - 05:58

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Been buggy all day, high ping, jrky and all my mods stopped working.No country flags, clan logos or xvm.Now server crash.It spells the end of WOT NA.

Griffon327327 #50 Posted Nov 09 2017 - 00:21


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MM works perfectly fine as it was designed to do


MM REWARDS blue and purple players for spending money and groups them together to slaughter reds and oranges ... MM rewards gold spamming .. you spam gold and regardless of win or lose do a blue or purple stat game  (XVM) and the MM system will reward your effort with a few favorable matches in near future and if you do poorly in those matches you get tossed back down into the depths of MM hell which is 15 red and orange players versus 12 blue 1 green and 4 purple  enemy team

buy premium account time ?? years and years ago this may have affected MM but no longer wargaming knows the people who buy premium will NEVER ever tank without it..period if you buy reserves with gold ?? nope ,,same here people buy regardless..

the main thing that affects MM is  converting free exp to elevate crew skills ... why ?? because it takes a god awful amount of gold to convert to free exp to raise crew skills ... why sell you a $80 premium tank to grind crew skills when they can sell you $2000 more gold to convert all that free exp to raise the crew to 7 skills in 5 months ?


MM is essential to wargaming banking account ..it will never be fair  EVER and it works exactly as it was designed .. follish noobs thinking MM was merely to decide tanks and players to have a fair fight ?? LOL sooooo funny

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