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The Chieftain's Book: Can Openers

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The_Chieftain #41 Posted Jan 02 2018 - 18:07

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Nicholas did mention in the preface that he'll prioritising rare images that lack quality over common high quality images that are floating online since he wants to avoid just being a repetition of what's alreadfy out there.


No, he's right. There's poor quality, and there's a complete miss.


I'm back in the office and found my hardcopies waiting for me. Some of the photos in the book have been printed far more darkly than they had been sent in. Example, open up the spread on pp. 58/59. Those two photos at the bottom were originally as follows.



Very obviously the equivalent photos in the book are far too dark to be of use. I'm chewing around how to fix this, and at worst may simply just go through the book and publish online any images which I feel are so dark as to be far less use than the original intent (Of the several hundred images, I'm thinking 60 are not what I would like them to be). I'm also waiting back to hear from the publisher, there may be some other options. More to follow.


[Edited to add: OK, I have received a good reply from the publisher, and I believe we have a plan which will be satisfactory to all parties. Will take a few weeks to implement, however]

Winterlander #42 Posted Jan 04 2018 - 20:37


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Just got my copy in Canada.... I am only part way through but i love the book. I especially enjoy the "how they got to the final design" descriptions with the changes included as the vehicles evolved.  Well done overall. 


You have set the bar high for your next book ;-)


screng #43 Posted Jan 12 2018 - 21:06


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WOW, ordered on Wednesday when i got paid, just came in today (fridays) post!  


So the bonus code is M56 scorpion - what does the invite code do please?


havent had time to open it yet!

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