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So WG is there a SA server in the works?

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Chicago_Deepdish #21 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 02:15


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Thank goodness that elitist snobs  don't get to choose who sits at the table in WOT.(notice I didn't say the OP was a racist )  People of all ages and all skill sets play this game and that is a good thing.


There are probably more reasons to play this game than there are tanks in the game. The enjoyment I experience more than likely won't be the same as the next player.  I'm pretty sure that  anyone who boots up the game to play finds their own enjoyment.

dpmgumby #22 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 02:39


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View Post_Katyusha___, on Nov 06 2017 - 01:05, said:



First off, this OP is a stinky reroll. One week playing and already stadpadding on a Luchs? Good try, kid.



Just to set the record straight.


I am a Gumby. Gumbies don't like Stat Padders.


Stat Padders are the good players who sit at the back, wait till only weaker tanks are left, swoop in for easy damage and kills.


My Luch is not used as a Stat Padders tank, yes it has a low expected value, so Yes it is easy to get great numbers while playing.I already made a thread about this exact subject.  http://forum.worldof...tter-wn8-stats/


I want to go through Campaigns. So I would need one of each type of tank. Noramlly I would pick the tier 10 of each class of tank. Then I would play the tank line till Tier 5 and buy a Premium Tank, to bounce the crew back and forth as I grind to Tier 10. 


I have picked the German Rheinmetall Panzerwagen as my light tank. You would notice that there is no Premium light tank, in the German line.


So not being able to have a Premium Tank and bounce the crew back and forth, I will level my Luch up till my commander has SS and 20% 2nd skill and the rest of the crew has Camo and 20% 2nd skill.


Then I will move my crew up to the Leopard.


I am not a Stat Padder


I am a Crew Padder


Big difference



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RoIito #23 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 03:22

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Of course, Luchs isn't a stat padder tank, for some reason the insanely broken low tier tanks seems to be the most played by all the stat padders. And obviously Luchs is not in that list.

AndrewSledge #24 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 04:36


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The bulk of the server is made up of bad players, just like any other server. If you move all the SA players to a different server, the quality of the residual population would not change. 

RamaLamaDingDong2 #25 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 04:57


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View Postdpmgumby, on Nov 05 2017 - 17:55, said:


Ah yeah, 


Came from EU 


As for being a bigot


Someone needs to learn the English language


Im sorry but if your gonna argue that most south american players are good, then you dont use xvm and see flags or your just being a troll.


This is a typical bigoted remark blanketing all under a category. So segregate them...Buddy Boy sorry this isn't the 1930;s there isn't whites only sign on the log in page of WoT.


I would put all my earnings on a bet that the large bulk of south american players are less than green, meaning red or orange or yellow......




But the great part about reality 


TO finish that statement is the great part about reality is live in it not some half truth partial truth or segregated world that has no room for diversity.


Is that no matter what you guys call me, racist, bigot.... doesnt make it true


May I suggest you grow up and be able to carry a conversation without resorting to calling people racist ect when you cant present a valid argument.





Uhh Buddy there is no argument to be made its plain and simple. NOT ONE WORD ABOUT HOW WELL ANY PLAYERS are from any region of the world was said. So before you make a bigger fool of yourself actually READ.

Your comments are not well veiled about the obvious prejudice/bias/bigotry and its comical you think your righteous in last post covers that up IT DOES NOT Buddy.

Let me suggest your lashing back when you thought you had a lot of kindred souls on here that have the same bigoted prospective on a regions ability to play a game so they need SEGREGATION was a miscalculation Buddy.

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Mezurashi #26 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 05:24


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Topic locked due to the non-constructive nature of posts. 

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