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Tier 9 CWs?

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N3RV3 #1 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 13:55


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Greetings World of Tanks Community (and Wargaming for this topic)


I was very curious when reading the new "Operation Gambit" that will be commencing in the near future, that the rules stated the mode will be in the "absolute format, 15x15 in tier IX and X vehicles. Now strangely enough I wanted ask what this specifically means...




Version 1

Means Clan Wars will be feature both tier 9 and 10 vehicles with a certain overall tier limit.


Version 2

There will be a separate tier 9 CW mode.


Why ask version 2?

I am asking since Wargaming has been focusing on "balancing and new content" this year and I was wondering if tier 9 Cws was going to be a "test" of theirs. If it is, then it should be stated as such so that players may be ready with tier 9 tanks that suit the meta.


Just very curious as Wargaming hasn't specifically stated the rules of tiers in a timely event of "balancing"


Thank you for reading


Ken_McGuire #2 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 14:33


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I could be quite wrong, but I read it as simply saying that both tier 9 and 10 vehicles would be accepted into the battle mode - not that there would be a tier total or a separate battlefield. This would mean that for those of us with smaller numbers of tier 10's we can supplement by bringing in 9's when 10's are locked, whetting our appetite for grinding more tier 10's. I know that in clan wars 1.0 we smaller clans did this.


And, of course, it would mean that the M53/55 would be back...

ViolentViolet #3 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 16:08


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I was wondering the same thing N3RV3. I told our tankers to prepare for both scenarios since the Rules for the last two campaigns have been getting released closer and closer to the actual start day of the events- which gives very little time to aquire the preferred tanks. The fact that they said there would be three different levels of difficulty is what made me consider a tier 9 portioned Map was possible. I was wondering what the term "Absolute format" meant though. What the hell is absolute format? There have been Absolute tournaments where the format is the tank level/point system. But I don't believe WG has use the term "Absolute Format" before. I guess technically it could even be a new mode.  

Daddy_Griefer #4 Posted Nov 07 2017 - 14:33


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that rule is simply for the 53/55. simply put the only tank that people bring to t10 battles if possible still is the 53/55 because its one of the best arties in the game. 

nogutsnoglory193 #5 Posted Nov 24 2017 - 18:14


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Here are the rules, I believe bye this Teir-9 is really for the basic front, not the advanced or Elite front



BadBullet #6 Posted Nov 24 2017 - 19:24


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I believe that both tier nine and ten tanks will be accepted. But let's be honest, no one will bring 9s. (Maybe t9 arty?:arta: ;)


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