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Getting out of Elohell - A Guide (Part 1/2)


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TwinBaka #1 Posted Nov 09 2017 - 01:55

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Welcome to my new and first guide series!

At tiers 1-7, WoT tends to have a lot of issues with poor players. These players tend to not be even decent, situationally aware, or even capable for their tier. This guide aims to change that.


This guide is broken up into two main parts: A guide for new players and a guide for players who still struggle after a few thousand games. Let's get started!


Part 1: New Player Experience

Image result for wot

Tiers 1-3 are pretty fast to grind through, and don't really hold too much value in terms of game mechanics. Players tend to be bot-like or even bots, and often aren't going to do anything useful. At tier 4, things start getting interesting. We see the rise of the heavy tank, in the form of the Matilda D.W.2, Type 95, and the B1. These aren't true heavies, but they do teach players valuable skills about angling and aiming for weakspots. At this tier, games are very fast paced. One player can tip the balance of a match. You can be that player.

Consumables, Equipment, and Ammunition




The basic, most essential, consumables are items that are usable every 90 seconds (or 60 seconds if you are using premium consumables). Consumables cost in game credits to resupply. They allow you to:


1) Fix a broken or damaged module - Repair Kit small_repair_kit.png


2) Heal a wounded crew member or removing a stun (more on that later) - First Aid Kit small_first_aid_kit.png


3) Extinguish a fire - Fire Extinguisher handextinguishersicon.png


NOTE: After you use a consumable once, it doesn't matter if you use it three more times in that game or never again, you will still be charged for the resupply at the same price it costed to originally mount it on your vehicle. (Don't worry about the other consumables, these are the core three that work on every tank.)



Equipment is an item that can be mounted on your tank for silver, or credits. It boosts your tanks performance permanently until you demount or destroy it. Generally speaking, it costs 10 gold to demount all equipment except for Toolboxes, Camo Nets, or Binoculars. If you can't demount a piece of equipment, then you destroy it. You lose all the credits you invested in the pricey equipment. However, you can sell your equipment with your tank to gain half the purchase price back. These are investments, usually for tanks you plan on keeping or higher tiered tanks where every advantage counts. The most useful pieces of equipment, generally speaking, are:


1) Gun RammerRammer.png: Rammers are amazing. They reduce the time it takes for you to load a new shell by 10%. At high tiers, this can give you an edge over other vehicles. 


2) Gun Laying DriveEnhancedAimDrives.png: This reduces the time it takes for your reticle to fully aim by 10%. It is effective and can allow you snap that one shot in a little faster, reducing your exposure time. 


3) Vertical StabilizerAimingStabilizer.png: Vertical Stabilizer is, in my opinion, better than GLD at keeping your gun accurate. Vertical Stabilizer reduces the gun bloom on the move by 20%. This means that when you stop, the gun bloom is already 20% smaller than it originally would be. This allows you to do two things: one, take shots on the move more accurately, and two, reduces your exposure time when you peek.


4) Coated OpticsCoatedOptics.png: While some tanks do need other equipment, most fast tanks at the very least can take advantage of the 10% increased view range this offers. Coated Optics allows you to outspot your enemies, giving you that crucial first shot advantage. 


5) Improved VentilationImprovedVentilation.png: This piece of equipment is not nearly as useful as the ones mentioned above, but provides a 5% bonus to your crew. This allows you to push a command from 100% effectiveness to 105% effectiveness. However, this should only be run when there is no other option, or if you are stacking crew bonuses (food + Brothers in Arms + vents can push you to 132% effectiveness). Vents give you a 2.5% effective upgrade in all of your vehicle's soft stats, or stats that are changeable by crew effectiveness.


6) Binoculars TelescopeStereoscope.png: Binoculars allow you to gain a 25% increase in spotting range, but only when sitting still for 3 seconds or more. This allows you to sit in a bush, spot enemies, and fire at them without being spotted. It works EXTREMELY well with Camouflage Net. Do note that traversing your hull counts as moving, causing you to lose your spotting bonus until you sit still for another 3 seconds.


7) Camouflage NetCamouflageNet.png: Camouflage Net activates when sitting still for 3 seconds. However, this equipment does not provide a spotting increase, rather, it reduces your tank's detectability by 10% for mediums and lights, 5% for heavy tanks and artillery, and 15% for tank destroyers. This should be run on a tank or tank destroyer, preferable with a turret, since traversing your hull does count as movement, breaking the camo bonus.



Ammunition costs credits. Every time you shoot a shell in game, it costs credits to buy another one. There are a few types of shells in WoT:

1) Armor Piercing Shells_AP.png(AP): The standard round. This costs a moderate amount of credits, scaling up as you go up the tiers. It has good penetration. It can bounce, which means the round hits and fails to penetrate the armor, causing it to deal 0 damage. This should be your standard round.


2) Armor Piercing Composite Rigid Shells_APCR.png(APCR): One of two "premium" rounds, available for some guns as an alternate to AP. It acts as a higher penetration version of AP, with enhanced shell velocity, but its much pricier. Don't use these unless you have to.


3) High Explosive Shells_HE.png(HE): This round acts like an impact grenade: It explodes on contact with any surface, be it armor, tracks, or even a piece of destructible terrain. It deals more damage than AP/APCR, but also has much poorer penetration, making it fit for usage against poorly armored vehicles.


4) High Explosive Anti-Tank Shells_HEAT.png(HEAT): Don't let the name fool you! This round acts the same to AP/APCR, but also explodes on contact with tracks, dealing 0 damage. However, it still can bounce off tanks and does not deal damage if it does bounce. This round is a premium round for certain guns as an alternative to AP. It is pricier than AP. Don't use unless you have to.


Crew Skills

Remember that perk the tutorial made you acquire, called "Sixth Sense"? This is the most valuable perk in WoT. It allows you to know if you are spotted, with a 3 second delay between being spotted and the notification you are spotted. The Sixth Sense icon looks something like this:premonition.pngThis icon with an accompanying sound will pop up on your screen and tell you that your tank is spotted. NOTE THAT THIS IS A PERK, IT ONLY TAKES EFFECT WHEN YOU REACH 100% IN THE ICON.


After Sixth Sense comes RepairsRepair.png. This skill should always come second and be trained on all of your crew members. The repairs skill reduces your repair time, and scales with crew proficiency. NOTE THAT THIS DOES ACTIVATE WHEN YOU ARE AT 1% OR HIGHER, THIS MEANS THAT IT IS EFFECTIVE WHEN FIRST TAKEN ALL THE WAY UP TO 100%.


If you make it to your third skill, reset your repairs skill for Brothers in ArmsBrotherhood.pngThis acts similarly to Ventilation, in that it gives your crew a 5% bonus to their effectiveness, making a a 2.5% increase across the board. NOTE THAT THIS IS A PERK, IT ONLY TAKES EFFECT WHEN YOU REACH 100% IN THE ICON. BIA IS UNIQUE IN THAT YOU NEED ALL CREW MEMBERS TO REACH 100% TO ACTIVATE IT.

In Battle

So, you've equipped and readied your tank for battle. You are ready to fight the enemy team! This portion of the guide will go over how to be a better player in game.


Tank Types


Know your tank! Too many players use their vehicle for the wrong role, causing a loss because they were not playing their tank correctly.


Light Tankoe1E2Bo.jpg: A fast, zippy vehicle, meant for scouting and taking early positions. This tank type is fairly hard to play but can be rewarding. Do not get hit, as the armor is very poor. The guns tend to also be subpar for the tier, but workable. These are denoted by a solid diamond over the tank.

Examples: Luchs, T21, T-100


Medium TanklcBX9bJ.jpg: A jack of all trades vehicle class, this type is full of different ends of the spectrum. Some have very good armor but poor mobility, forcing you to play similarly to a heavy, while others are fast and have weak armor, making their playstyle more similar to a light tank. The armament varies heavily as well. Some mediums even have a large and a small gun as options, allowing you to try out different playstyles. These are denoted by a diamond with a line through it.

Examples: T-34, Sherman, Matilda, M48 Patton


Heavy Tankgx4mmPF.jpg: These are the true tanks of the battlefield. They are well protected, for the most part, and are the focus of the enemy team's attention. Heavies also have big guns, but pay for all this in mobility. These tanks can only be taken down when players aim for their weakspots. These are denoted by a diamond with two lines through it.

Examples: KV-1, T-29, E-100


Tank Destroyers3OAjbrl.jpg: TDs vary as much as mediums. Some have solid armor, while others are paper thin. They all have one thing in common: Tank Destroyers have huge guns, bigger than heavies of the same tier. They possess amazing penetration, able to go through heavy tanks with ease. They are the ultimate counter to heavy tanks. These are denoted by a triangle.

Examples: SU-85, Rhm. Borsig, T110E3


Artilleryz5B0V7r.jpg: Artillery are gods of war. They have very low hitpoints, and as a result end up in the rear. They have a top down view instead of sniper mode, which allows them to shoot over obstacles at enemy tanks. Artillery stun vehicles, reducing their combat effectiveness. They are denoted by a square.

Examples: Grille, M40/43, Obj 261


Playing your vehicle effectively

Each vehicle has a role to play. Whether that be sniping or brawling, scouting or flanking, it is up to the individual vehicle's characteristics to decide that. What general advice I can give you is this:


1) Do not over expose yourself! If you can shoot that player over there, he can most likely shoot you also. If you are spotted, you can and will be shot. After taking a shot, always duck back into cover. Staying out is a death sentence. Even if it means potentially missing that shot, surviving to fire another shot is generally better. Getting greedy only hurts you.


2) Stunning is annoying but not an issue. When an artillery hits, or hits near your tank, you will receive a temporary debuff to your vehicle's characteristics. This is temporary. It lasts as long as the orange circle in the middle of the screen tells you. A First Aid Kit can be used to neutralize the effects, if necessary.


3) Getting tracked in the open is your biggest fear. When you are tracked, you are sitting there for all enemy tanks to shoot at. Use your repair kit if you are tracked, especially if your weakspots are showing or if your tank is fragile.


4) Speaking of weakspots, you should aim for them. Aim for weakspots and penetrate enemy tanks there. The reticle will show the chance to penetrate; green or orange is preferable, red means don't waste your shot. Weakspots are generally in the lower frontal plate, the sides, the hatches on the turret, or the rear. Thanks to C_Menz, we have a guide for weakspots for a lot of popular vehicles. Tanks.gg is also a good place to see armor effectiveness.


5) Tracking is valuable for your team. Just like how get getting tracked is a bad thing, tracking an enemy tank is a good thing. It allows your team to deal extra damage to the tank.


6) Attack distracted enemies. You want to conserve your hitpoints for later. While you shouldn't be actively running away from a fight (unless your tank is supposed to do that), taking unnecessary damage isn't good either. The more HP you have later in the game, the better. You will be able to push enemies around with your superior hitpoints.


7) Angle your armor if you need to be out in the open! Angling your armor, especially your weakspots, is crucial to survival. Without angling, you will be shot to pieces as enemies aim for your weakspots. Angling allows shells to bounce because it increases the effective thickness of your armor. In not so technical terms, this means that angling causes your armor to act thicker than it really is. Tanks.gg can be helpful, using the collision model, to see what effective armor is when angling.


8) Certain tanks will have autoloaders. This means that they reload for a long period of time, then are able to quickly fire off multiple shots in succession, like a revolver. These tanks are very dangerous to face alone and can destroy you in the time it takes for you to load one shell. When playing one, you can see green icons at the bottom of your reticle that look like this: kzY0kIU.jpgEach green icon represents a single click, which means that you can fire off 4 rounds quickly before going into reload.




These are some basic tips to help you on the battlefield. I hope these help you as a player become more successful. You can find much more in the World of Tanks Wiki, a large database of almost every tank and tactic in game.


Thanks for reading!



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Good Read. would prefer a more technical one if you are making another.

TwinBaka #3 Posted Nov 09 2017 - 02:25

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View Post_ErwinRommel__, on Nov 08 2017 - 17:12, said:

Good Read. would prefer a more technical one if you are making another.


Didn't really want to get too technical for this once, since it IS for players who are newer. I do plan on making a few more for players who have a few thousand games under their belts, exploring mechanics more in depth.

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View PostTwinTanker, on Nov 08 2017 - 20:25, said:


Didn't really want to get too technical for this once, since it IS for players who are newer. I do plan on making a few more for players who have a few thousand games under their belts, exploring mechanics more in depth.


​Looking forward to it.

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