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Flipped Tanks on Stone Road Bug

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Crabybaby #1 Posted Nov 10 2017 - 02:50


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Was playing a game on windstorm when an ally Comet flipped himself near the River's edge, and so I tried to help him.  However, he slid around as if he was made of butter, and when I pushed him up the ram, he slip right back down and traveled another 50 meters before landing in the water.


Link to Replay:  http://wotreplays.eu...by-t28_concept 


Edit: I noticed this happen to any tank driving on "objects" (ex: the stage on Paris, Bridges, Rocks, etc), so it isn't ice, its an actual physics bug.

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Nudnick #2 Posted Nov 10 2017 - 02:57


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Icy ramp ? It is a winter map after all.

CapnNoahJoJo03 #3 Posted Nov 10 2017 - 03:17

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Upside down tank + ice = sliding, which = realism.

Ndtm #4 Posted Nov 10 2017 - 04:39


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While like the others mentioned about the ice is probably what it is.. but i have noticed something over the years where your tracks will barely get any traction on things that aren't the actual terrain (although it could just be an oversight with a couple of objects), you might've noticed that if you've driven up to a house and kinda end up with a track on the wall and you just slip off it, or the place where you can really feel it is if get on himmelsdorf and head up to the southern part of the hill (image: red H on hill) and if you drive on top of the obviousnotgroundbutbuilding at the edge you'll notice that you hardly get any traction and it's as if you're on literal ice



TheAprilFool #5 Posted Nov 10 2017 - 04:42


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Thanks for the laugh :trollface:

Rugged_Shield #6 Posted Nov 15 2017 - 19:12


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At least everyone know ur a good person right now...XD

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