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Tier VIII+ not worth it anymore.

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ArcticTankHunter #21 Posted Nov 19 2017 - 05:59

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View PostDogg_zilla, on Nov 14 2017 - 02:03, said:

Ive got several tier X, and I have to say that tier 8 is the absolute worst tier in the entire game. 


They have serious problems just surviving against tier 9 and X, let alone doing damage. 




The other problem about T8 is when they are Top tier. The lower tier has issues dealing against T8's. T8 GB vote for it! We get T8 and T10 GB. So those who want to stay at T8 isn't left out. I don't bother going for T10 anyways because I don't find T10 fun at all.

Currysoda #22 Posted Nov 21 2017 - 08:50


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For people who say Tier 8 tanks can do just fine penning tanks really need to stop and think for a moment.


All of the tier 8 stock grinds suck major ****. To make matters worse, seeing tier 10s while you have a useless tier 6 or tier 7 gun mounted on your tank while you grind for the top gun doesn't help at all, unless they use gold rounds.


WG should make it so that tier 8s never tier 10s at all. The most they should be able to see are tier 9s. Cause at the moment any tier 10 tank can beat any tier 8 tank. Plus the current MM usually makes tier 8s just cannon fodder for the 10s.

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