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Veteran's Day Giveaway!

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Volvernon #21 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 23:47


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Entry for drawing


U.S. Navy 1984-1990 - MM1(SS/NUC)

USS Swordfish (SSN-579) and USS Omaha (SSN-692)

U.S. Navy Reserves 1991-2009 - ISC(SS) Retired

OIF 2006

Spent six years as an HT2

Cymru1956 #22 Posted Nov 15 2017 - 18:37


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Entry for Drawing


US Navy 1974 to 1980

AQ2 (Aviation Firecontrol Tech) Petty Officer 2nd Class Or E5 for you army types.

NATTC Millington, VA 35, NATC Pax River. 

Most A6 Intruders, but actually everything from A3's to F/A 18's.

dunniteowl #23 Posted Nov 16 2017 - 04:49


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View Postchurchill50, on Nov 12 2017 - 22:46, said:

It's awesome to see everyone who has already entered. I hope we get a ton more entries though.


If any of you have the time, are there any life lessons that you learned while serving? If so, I'd love to hear them.



Well, look out for more drawings like this one on future Veteran's Days.


Also, I'm trying to spread the word about this, but not having much luck. So far, I've been announcing it in battles I get into, but I haven't gotten any interest, and keep getting called a scam. I was also thinking of posting on the wotlabs forums and on the WoT subreddit about the drawing, but any other suggestions would be more than welcome.


My Drill Sergeant told me this:


     Always keep your sense of humor.  There will be times that are so bad that the only thing that keeps you sane is the ability to laugh or tell a joke.  It helps you maintain perspective in the face of adversity.


One Thing I learned that I found useful ever after is to walk with a sense of purpose and total confidence in your direction.  I didn't do this to instill confidence in my fellow airmen, no sirree, Bob.  I used to to walk where I wanted to walk even when I shouldn't be walking there, because I walked as if I totally belonged there and had every intention of purposely being there.  I wouldn't do that if I weren't allowed, right?


Before anyone thinks nefarious stuff, I am a photographer and my time in the Air Force brought me close to a lot of really cool aircraft that were legal to take photos of, though hard to get close to.  My duties placed me on the flightline (at night) where the aircraft are parked and serviced.  On my days off, I'd strap my camera around my neck, strap my bag over my shoulder, clip my Line Badge on and walk right out to the planes before air shows with no crowds as if I was supposed to be doing just that in my uniform.  No one ever even questioned me.


Walk like you're going somewhere and you are supposed to be going there and many folks will leave you be.


Thanks to service members of all branches and I salute you my brothers and sisters! (and nieces, nephews, dad, uncle) of military service!



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