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Randomly Switching Monitors

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destroika #1 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 02:10


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I don't know if this is my graphics card drivers, windows or world of tanks but this was the first time this happened I would like for it to not happen again.


I run in full screen mode with a LCD TV as my main monitor and a 15" analog monitor as my secondary. I queued for a match and while waiting for the match maker, I minimized the game for all of a 5-10 seconds and when I went to restore the game to full screen, World of Tanks suddenly decided to full screen on my secondary monitor instead of my main. I minimized again, restored again and it continued to use my secondary monitor. I minimized, confirmed that windows still saw my TV as the main #1 monitor, restored to full screen and it was still on my secondary. By now the game was underway, so I went into the video settings and made it go to windowed mode, I moved the window over to my TV main monitory, made it go full screen again and it still went back to the secondary! Finally I just had to stay in windowed mode without boarders and drug it over to my main. After the match, I closed out of World of Tanks and reloaded and it's back to normal.


Has anyone encountered this before and/or have any idea how to correct it's cause?

DREAD_PIRATE_R0BERTS #2 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 02:34

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I play full screen and have two monitors, it happens to me when my PC goes to sleep and wakes back up.  Restarting the game resets it for me.  It's never done it when I minimize the screen. 

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