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Hey Wargaming

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Guest_EL_MIG_* #1 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 02:28

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Hey Wargaming. I would have been nice you would have included the link to the tournament forum page , here in the forum for tournaments. Who ever is in charge of tournaments, sure as heck sis doing a bad job. You should have that person train with Dancer before she left.

kogepan_man #2 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 03:40


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lol some people live to complain about stuff, even free stuff like this

Demonic_Angel_of_Death #3 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 04:46


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Actually I don't believe they have hired a person to be in charge of tournaments yet, hence why this is the first one since the absolute cup ended... I'm sure the people at WG are doing the best they can with tournaments seeing as how this is nobody's field of expertise...


It's almost as if they should have hired someone to take care of their tournaments before jumping on "Lets do a year end tournament!"... :sceptic:

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