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Warning! WGNA is stealing your gold purchases

Theft; WG; liars; thieves

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dave1y #41 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 14:30


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View PostCrapgame1, on Nov 12 2017 - 02:07, said:

btw, Sorry. But this really sucks spending hours trying to prove to WG that they took my money and yet did not let me use it in game.  I'm sorry, i am an old grandpa, but back in the day when we shook hands and money was exchanged, the honorable thing was assumed.  I guess the modern folks don't adhere to that way of thinking.

And we wore onions on our belt which was the style at the time.

btw is this a rant about not being able to free xp a tier 2 with 11 gold because xvm? Wha?

Redcoat #42 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 15:19

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I've read some bat$&|# crazy threads in this forum over the years... this is one of them... 


User error =//= corporate fraud  :facepalm:

Nonamanadus #43 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 16:20


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Partially it is Wargaming's fault, they should just ban all mods in the first place. :sceptic:


Orion3 #44 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 16:54


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Do you even have any free xp to convert with the gold? I'm asking because at tier 2, did you even bother to elite any tanks to start accruing free xp? I made a similar mistake when I first started.

Icon_Charlie #45 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 17:36

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View PostZeedox, on Nov 12 2017 - 01:59, said:


Shills are out in full force today

Yes they are.  Kind of sad to hear this kind of crap from the shills when they want you to forget the SirFoch and I- Chase lies that WG did to them.


Everything now is Automated. You will not get the help that you really need.  All you will get is a robo stamp and be mostly forgotten.

Asassian7 #46 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 19:13


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View PostNunya_000, on Nov 13 2017 - 01:28, said:


Based on what you have posted so far, it appears that you do not understand how the game works and have not completed a step.


You DO NOT free XP a tank with gold.  It is done with Free XP.

 You can use gold to convert unused XP on elite tanks to create more Free XP, but then you need to use that Free XP on the tank.


If you truly want help, you need to explain your steps and what you are expecting to happen.


The forum does not have the space available to post large attachments like a screenshot would be.  You need to use imgur or a similar image posting site like photobucket.  This thread will walk you through the steps.




Screen shots would be very useful for others to help you.


Edit: I forgot that WG added in the ability to research modules/tanks with gold if you do not have enough XP.  We would really need a screen shot to see what is up.



You can click on research on the tank, and if you dont have enough XP/free XP it automatically brings up a window allowing you to convert the required amount. 


@OP if its not working DONT DO IT! You're just wasting gold. Are you trying to do it on the vanilla client now? Or still using XVM?

Did you send screenshots of the vanilla client to WG support? Generally Ive found that while they're useless at enforcing game rules, they're usually pretty helpful with account support. 

the_Deadly_Bulb #47 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 19:32


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OP, you're missing something somewhere.

I use XVM and have never had an issue converting exp to free exp with gold. Never had any issues with gold going missing either.


By the way, nowhere in what you posted did the WG rep state "you use XVM so we steal your gold" As you are a grampa maybe time to grow up and quit the nonsense. I get you're POd but the truth will set you free, and quite possibly lead to a solution to your issue. Try not to cloud your thread with a bunch of emotional projection. Stick with what happened and what you were trying to do. Then you may get some helpful suggestions. Putting on the 'WG ripped me off hat' will accomplish nada.


As previously posted, you cant 'get' exp with gold. You must have some exp earned on a tank that is Elited to be able to use gold to convert that exp to Free Exp.


Go Gramps! :honoring:

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JA_Pinkerton #48 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 19:45


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View PostArturo_Steel, on Nov 12 2017 - 02:06, said:

We got the alex jones of wot over here


The truth is out there, not in here.

oldewolfe #49 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 21:37


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I generally do all my Purchases thru the Store with Karma Koin....      I can't recall any thru the Game Client beyond my 42-57 when I traded my SU 100Y in, had to go thru the Client then...   I use Aslain's so the Mod Thing is just kinda Wierd...


Did have Research Issues once with Free XP, but that was how I set up the Free XP and Research Tracker...   Once I straightened that out, all was Good...

riot_evo #50 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 21:47

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Play vanilla.

GeoMonster #51 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 22:16

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View Postriot_evo, on Nov 12 2017 - 21:47, said:

Play vanilla.


Why?? And how does that solve the OPs problem?


You have NO idea the great stuff you are missing playing vanilla.  Some MODs are out of this world for visual enhancements, especially in the tech tree and garage.  Once I used them I'd never go back.  I can look at tanks in my garage, find the one I want 5 times faster than you and immediately see on the selection the battle statistics, etc.  The time saved by using some MODs lets me play MORE games!! The tech tree is SO much more usable with enhancements ... WG should really implement some of them.


If you don't want to use MODs fine ... that is your choice ... but you really need to stop dictating to others how to play this game.  We all don't want to adhere to your standards.



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ThePigSheFlies #52 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 23:37


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View PostNonamanadus, on Nov 12 2017 - 10:20, said:

Partially it is Wargaming's fault, they should just ban all mods in the first place. :sceptic:



if they banned all mods when the game was out, it wouldn't have lasted a year with that horrifyingly bad UI they had.  horrible gun sites, no reload timer, no garage carousels, etc., etc.


the modding community is wargaming's R&D Department...

redjkent #53 Posted Nov 12 2017 - 23:45

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you have the gold ammo set for gold price instead of setting it for silver price it has happend to me before thats why it was that much also as soon as you use gold to buy i tank its in your garage

ThisGameIsHorribleLOL #54 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 00:46


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i read few posts and just lost faith in humanity...... but lets blame WG regardless

WarMongers #55 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 01:33


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Going to guess you need something like 10,000 XP to convert and only has a few hundred.  So you're just converting a small amount every time which is not enough to complete the research.  And 10,000 XP was just a random number to use as an example.

LoneEagleFive #56 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 02:17


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View PostCrapgame1, on Nov 12 2017 - 07:35, said:

Ticket #1179240

In-Game Goods
i bought a gold package in order to free xp past the tier ii PZ1. i did it twice, you took my 11 gold twice, but did not allow me to research the vehicle. You owe me 11 gold and a researched PZ1.

see screenshot with transaction details on the lower right and PZ1 still not researched.

so, did you credit me back the 22 gold or only 11 gold and a fully researched pz1?
Uh, I went Vanilla no mods and you still ripped me off while trying to research the t67. Twice. now you owe me another 488 gp... you are stealing
I went vanilla and researched the t67, twice, at 244 gp each time. you accepted the payment, but did not credit the research. you all are stealing and committing fraud. Make it right now...


The definition of stupidity: Repeatedly doing a failed action, expecting a different result.

SpitYoYoMafia #57 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 12:52


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View PostNot_Connery, on Nov 12 2017 - 00:18, said:

I understand that this is now a "It's the principle of the matter" situation for you, OP, and customer service should actually live up to their name, but...


Why did you feel you HAD to free xp past the Pz 1?


It is a tier II that will take you all of 30 games (at the most) to grind through, and it is not a painful tank to play.


Just wondering why you would waste gold on a tier II is all.


I don't play anything below T5, I automatically free xp past that garbage

CamuMahubah #58 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 13:05


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OP I hope you get this resolved and I appreciate your service.  Feel free to add me in game or message me here and I will gladly try to see what actually happened.  I've never had a problem with gold and I bet it is probably something simple that maybe I could explain once you get those screenshots up via Imgur.  

I'm thinking maybe the xp conversion process occurred and now you just need to click on the right tab to get you on your way or something along those lines..

Take it easy man and hit me up if you want!

RkAnA #59 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 15:19


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View PostCrapgame1, on Nov 12 2017 - 01:13, said:

need to crash.  I'll try to figure out how to post screen shots to prove that WG is stealing.  They (and others say) that I had a gold lock on. ok then why did the gold go away and why did they not credit what I purchased?  I rebooted the game w/o xvm and tried to free xp the t67 again for another 244 gp that was deleted from my account, but still I can not purchase the T67. 





Is there any chance that one of your tanks is shooting premium ammo at the cost of gold instead of credit?

Not_Connery #60 Posted Nov 13 2017 - 15:51

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View PostSpitYoYoMafia, on Nov 13 2017 - 12:52, said:


I don't play anything below T5, I automatically free xp past that garbage




Them's fightin' words, friend.


Pz 1c, Somua S35, Pz III E, Pz IV A, Pz IV D, Luchs, Hetzer, Matilda, M8A1, Pz III J - all FINE FIGHTING MACHINES (and a whole lot of fun thrown into the bargain), and all from tiers 3 and 4.

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