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Could this game be saved?

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Currysoda #41 Posted Nov 20 2017 - 08:36


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To be honest. They really need to do something about XVM. There are too many instances of people, including myself, getting zeroed in and focused on by arty all game long, due to XVM sniping.

Shenala #42 Posted Nov 20 2017 - 21:23


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View PostMichael_Cochrane_2017, on Nov 19 2017 - 09:42, said:


Actually, no, I don't need to post a replay, going through them all to find it just to prove to some nob on the internet what happened, well, my time is worth more than that and you saying "post a replay or it didn't happen" means nothing. In a court of law, a person's testimony is often good enough to send someone to the gas chamber, so yeah, me saying it happened in a video game is enough.....




  1) there's a fair sampling of trials that have resulted in the death penalty where it ended up that the convicted (and sentenced) were actually innocent of the crimes they were alleged based upon "eye witness testimony" as proven by DNA samples or even information that was withheld by the prosecution that would have proved they were innocent.  

  2) No, you were never shot "through a rock"; the game mechanics won't allow for that, even with client-side cheats.  Analysis of the replay(s) would allow one to observe the actual events as recorded instead of your "testimony".

  3) Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to remove ALL lag from a game which causes weird hits at times where, with 0 latency, it would be impossible.

  4) I'm a tad dubious on whether or not you actually understand the game mechanics; I'm at 10k games with 40% ABOVE tier 6 and I'm still learning all the game mechanics.



Block Quote


b) basic shooting/cover mechanics


yes, when you're bottom tier 90% of the time, you can't even hide in bushes because the tanks two tiers above you can see you, shoot you, and kill you before you see them.


c) spotting mechanics

yes, when you're in a tier v vs a tier vii, they can spot you 10's of m before you can spot them. The spotting stats mean nothing when applied to the mm of wot. See, when you have a tier viii, and they spot you, when they aren't even looking at you, then again, spotting stats, mean nothing since the mechanics are flawed right from the get go. 

d) Weakspots


don't mean anything when you're trying to play against tanks +2 tiers above you. I've been lucky enough to flank tier viii's in my tier vi and with gold ammunition shooting at them does MAYBE 10 dp, then they simply turn around and kill you. Funny, whenever (most times) when I'm playing against equal opponents, I do quite well. Yet those 10 games out of 100 make this "game" miserable. 

e) garage stuff (crews, equipment, consumables, etc)


Yes, spend 10's of thousands of silver on stuff that really don't make that much of a difference against +2 tanks. Take the binocs in my matilda. By the time they activate, when I'm playing against tier vi, I'm spotted, shot and dead. Even under cover, even behind rocks. Face it: WOT has made a game whose sole purpose is to get you to spend money, and then waste that money for minor improvements that really don't affect your ability to contribute to the battle at hand. 


Being bottom tier "90%" (it's probably more like 65-70%, but w/e) doesn't actually affect your camo rating.  What does are: inherent camo rating of the tank, crew skills, equipment (vents, camo net), terrain (in the bush, behind the bush, size of the bush vs size of tank, number of bushes hiding in/behind), and shooting (did you shoot behind the bush or are you in the bush when you shoot).


Spotting is actually a competition between your tanks combined camo rating vs the enemies spotting rating.  Once you actually learn that system, you'll improve your game drastically.


Weakspots are in place for lower tiers.  I mean, did you know that you overmatch the machinegun port on the rightside on the AT-7 with standard AP rounds on the M4A3E8?  


I wouldn't use bino's on the matilda; it sees mostly Seals and with the armor that that thing has, it can easily bully them around.  Vents/Rammer/GLD.  And you don't have to spend money to make credits.  I think my StugG makes 15k/game (I've kept statistics since my 900th game).  Crap, you learn to play the Ht No. VI or your  dickermax and you'll be racking in TONS of cash.  Or, learn how to put damage on targets.




After having played my kids account and attempting to grind out the marathon for the IS-6 B, the largest issue that I had was crew skills and equipment.  Those two things make the difference between a crappy game and a decent game.  What makes a decent game to a fantastic game is a better understanding of what's going on than your adversary, i.e. reading the map every 20s, learning to flex to weak points, taking advantage of tanks in poor positions or making poor choices.


Hey, I'm no unicum; I'm still learning and frankly my Tier 9/10 game play is atrocious.  Why?  I'm still playing like I played against Tier 5 seals.  Impatient, too risky, poor timing, etc.


TL;DR: Perhaps you should simply pull up the gameplay and analyze the shot that killed you "through the rocks".  You may be amazed to find an opportunity to take advantage of targets hiding behind the very same rock.




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